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Becoming an Entrepreneurial Writer: Advertisement

One way to make money via your blog is to display business advertisements. However, it can take awhile to get to the level where businesses will be interested in purchasing advertisement space for your blog–my Entrepreneurial Journalist professor from last semester, who runs Jump Magazine in Philly, said we should be hitting at least 500 […]

When to Know It’s Time to Become an Entrepreneur

There are two types of people in the world: Those that make other people successful People that make themselves successful Some people will argue that making someone else successful is also making them successful, but when you start comparing the rewards, it’s apparent that making yourself successful comes out on top. This means that you […]

Style Tips For Male Entrepreneurs

It’s possible to be productive wearing pajamas or wearing a business suit. And like Eric pointed out in his recent style post, dress clothing is optional for most entrepreneurs. But even though the freedom to dress down is part of the allure of entrepreneurship, sometimes a guy needs to clean up! Even Zuckerberg is forced […]

The Entrepreneur Wardrobe

Entrepreneurs today can have rock star like fame and recognition. When names like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and Sergei Brin are front-page names, what business founders wear can get as much attention as what superstar actors wear on the red carpet.   The Traditional Suit and Tie The business standard for men (and […]

13 Ways to be a Leader People Want to Follow

Are you a leader?  Some people hold a leadership position. And, while most aspire to lead, others just lead regardless of their job title. That’s because real leadership goes beyond a title. Leadership brings with it the illusion of power and prestige. In reality, unless a leader is able to rally others, said leader is […]