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How To Be More Productive: Stop Wishing and Start Working

I want, I wish and I will are danger words. They are the words we use when we are thinking about doing work. If we are wishing, wanting or promising ourselves that we will, we have already been overtaken by procrastination. Instead of engaging in meaningful work, we click over to YouTube for our daily […]

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Writer: Using Social Media to Promote Your Blog

One of the easiest ways to get your blog posts and other information out there is to share your posts via various social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Instagram. This can be done both through posting your personal accounts across the various platforms as well as through accounts solely dedicated to your blog—both […]

Young Entrepreneurs are Some of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

If you’re in your twenties wanting to start a business, you may be headed right towards entrepreneur stardom. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs started their business in their early to mid-twenties. Find out who these entrepreneurs are, why they succeeded, and how you can do the same.   The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started […]

How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers

As Kristen pointed out in a recent post, blogging is a great tool for online entrepreneurs. And WordPress is the best content management system for those who want an internet presence. You can run a variety of business operations using WordPress. Affiliate marketing, blogs, drop-shipping, e-commerce sites, job boards…many people use WordPress to make money […]

Cloud Storage for Your Business

For all small businesses today, there is a big value in being able to work from anywhere at any time, and being able to access your files anywhere is important in making that happen.  It’s one of the biggest reasons why we talk about cloud accounting software, or accepting mobile payments.  The truth is that […]