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Tasks You Can Easily Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Some jobs are easy to take care of yourself. Others are a bit tedious, time consuming, and distract you from making more money or running your businesses efficiently. For those jobs, you can hire a virtual assistant to take care of them for you. Web Development For people like me, most web development projects are […]

Maintaining Balance as a Serial Entrepreneur

I don’t know what makes entrepreneurs tick. There is some gene that scientists will probably identify someday that marks us with the entrepreneurship bug. I am guessing it is a recessive trait. Whatever it is, it drives us to keep starting businesses and working hard to make them succeed. That can hamper our home lives, […]

How to Manage Your Investments in 2013

The New Year will see many investors vowing to make the most of their finances. Unfortunately, those hoping for advice from their bank or building society may be in for a nasty surprise – as of January 1st, new rules from the Financial Services Authority mean that many providers will be withdrawing their face-to-face advisory […]

Dealing with Trouble Vendors

As I mentioned in a recent post on preparing for opening day, I started a business this year promoting and planning fun parties in Denver.  Now that the fun is over, the accounting and money management are in full gear. Right now, I am dealing with a difficult vendor and have to work hard to ensure […]

How Productive Are You

An interesting study showed that procrastinators actually some of the most productive people, because they’ve learned the art and science of getting things done in a short period of time.  For better or worse, I fall into that category because I’m a habitual procrastinator that will wait to the last minute to do everything.  The […]