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Does Your Business Need a Company Blog?

Blogging has become more than just an online trend, it has become an important part of business and marketing in the modern economy.   The Value of a Blog Unless you are a media company, your blog does not make you money directly. It is a tool that can funnel people into your site to […]

How to Use International Courier Services Without Problems

Chances are if you’re thinking about sending a parcel overseas for the first time, you may be a little concerned about your package arriving safely and on time. If you’ve seen any of the clips online showing couriers from fairly well-known carriers throwing boxes over fences, into bushes and (sometimes) in the general direction of […]

Solutions to Common Problems for Small Businesses

All small business owners have problems. Some of them will only impact certain companies, industries, or geographies. Others are more common. Here are some common problems and solutions for modern entrepreneurs.   Revenue Concentration Both large and small companies may be faced with revenue concentration. It is a risk that is disclosed on large company […]

Spread Betting on Golf

Spread betting on golf offers an interesting departure to financial betting. Bets can be placed on markets on all US and European gold tournaments in addition to most Asian events. Leader board and finishing position markets enable you to bet on where players end up in the field. If you believe Tiger Woods will have […]

How To Register Your Business in the UK

If you’ve only recently started working for yourself, you may not have considered registering yourself; however, this must be done within the first three months to avoid penalties. The process is actually very simple, but can differ depending on the type of business you want to set up. Sole Trader If you are operating the […]