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Bringing in a VA to Help With Your Business

Sometimes, building a new business can be tough. Whether you are starting a brick and mortar store or work in the virtual world, sometimes you need help. If you are not big enough to hire an employee, but you still need a little extra help, a virtual assistant could be just what you need.  There […]

4 Ways to Reduce Taxes for Self-Employment

Everyone is always looking for ways to reduce taxes.  And it can be even more important for owners of small businesses, because you bear an even higher tax burden than a regular employee.   1. Deduct Your Valid Expenses The first thing you can do is make sure that you are accurately keeping track of […]

How To Take Advantage of Supplier Financing

Supplier financing is a situation in which a supplier delivers the goods or services to the buyer using some type of deferred payment scheme.  This has benefits for both the buyer and seller, and is common in many situations.  However, if you are an entrepreneur just starting out, it could be hard to get supplier […]