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best online accounting software

The Best Cloud-Based Online Accounting Software

Over the past couple of years, I’ve moved a lot of my traditional “software” based tasks to the cloud.   You can read about it here: I Started Moving My Finances and Business To The Cloud.  There are so many great tools that I have been able to take advantage of, including Google Docs and […]

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home office

Creating Your Luxury Home Office

More people than ever are working from the comfort of their own home. A home office can significantly reduce business expenses while providing convenience and a more personal experience for clients and entrepreneurs. Your office should be comfortable for you to work in but also warm and inviting to clients and associates. Here are some tips […]

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visual aid

How Visual Content Can Do Wonders For Your Business

The expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” was incidentally first used in a 1913 newspaper advertisement. And “Time is money” is a phrase first used by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One. With the origin of two of the most used phrases of all time, rooted […]

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blinkist review

Blinkist Review – All You Can Eat Buffett For Book Lovers

Blinkist helps me decide what to read when I finally find the time to sit down with a book. It’s been my entry point into several books I might not have read otherwise. The mobile app is perfect for my life on the go and I love being able to get a glimpse into the […]


Essential Tech Trends That Will Grow Your Business

Technology in the workplace is quickly becoming an essential part of the business world. Businesses without a firm grasp on technology are going the way of the digital dinosaur, which is why it’s so important for your business to stay up to speed with tech trends. With business technology in mind, here are a few […]

Job Interview

Even with a Great Employee Benefits Program, the Job Interview is Scary

It might not be a well-known way to choose a job – based on the company’s Employee Benefits Program. But these days, with employers cutting costs – and often starting with benefits – it may be what tips a potential employee in the “right” direction. Recent articles in a paper of note, The Wall Street […]

China Going Gold Gaga Image by Mark Herpel from Flickr Creative Commons

China Is Going Gold Gaga – But Why Now?

Gold buyers have noticed a huge surge in China’s appetite for gold. But why now? Well, thanks to the big drop in prices, Asians have been going on gold-buying sprees of big proportions. From India who are the biggest net importers of gold; to Japan who are worried about a dropping yen and ballooning inflation […]


Entrepreneur Profile: Solartex Sun Gear

Successfully launching and running a business is a daunting task. Getting a look inside the entrepreneurial mindset, to learn from a business owner who’s been down that road and can offer some sage advice is invaluable. Today we are speaking with Lisa Dewey, co-founder of Solartex Sun Gear of Glen Allen, Virginia. Visit them online […]