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The Best Cloud-Based Online Accounting Software

Over the past couple of years, I’ve moved a lot of my traditional “software” based tasks to the cloud.   You can read about it here: I Started Moving My Finances and Business To The Cloud.  There are so many great tools that I have been able to take advantage of, including Google Docs and […]

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Entrepreneurship Spotlight: Egypt

Entrepreneurship is booming in Egypt and is seen by many as the key for Egypt’s economic growth and social development. In 2013, unemployment was estimated at 13.4%, with 69% of them aged 15 to 29. To mitigate the youth unemployment problem, more and more young people in Egypt are becoming entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look […]

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10 Unexpected Places to Find Business Inspiration

Many people dream of owning their own business, but don’t know where to start. They are held back by what they perceive as a lack of good ideas. In a crowded marketplace, how do you differentiate yourself and attract customers — and profits? The good news is that inspiration is everywhere, if you know where […]

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Kohana: Swift and Elegant PHP Framework

PHP offers web developers a great variety of frameworks aimed at making development of websites and web applications more efficient, fast and less complicated. One of these numerous frameworks is called Kohana. Kohana is an elegant PHP 5 framework which uses MVC (Model View Controller) architectural structure. Kohana framework is known for a large set […]


How to Write an Essay about Yourself for College

Introduce your dreams When writing an essay about you and going to college, the first step is introduce the readers to your dreams and about the future with reference to professional careers. Everyone wants to go to college, so the writer should make sure that readers understand what is special about going to college. At […]

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Are You a Natural-Born Leader? Earn a Degree in Project Management

Project management is a great career to have, especially if you like to be creative and work with a team. If you have ever wanted to manage 5-10 people and design a building, website, or advertising campaign, then you are destined to be a project manager. A project manager is responsible for the good and […]

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Financial Spread Betting on the Rise

Entrepreneurs understand the value of insight more than most. As a breed they’re also hard-wired to target a cash return on everything they do. That’s why more and more financially savvy, entrepreneurially-minded people are taking up the growing trend of financial spread betting. Financial spread betting (FSB) offers a direct means to exploit business insight […]

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CEO Stress – Take Some Time to Relax

For many, being a CEO is a dream job; you get to enjoy a high salary and a luxury lifestyle. However, there are downsides; perhaps the most often quoted being the incredible level of responsibility. Admittedly there are all the perks that go with such a high-powered position, but you will also be under tremendous […]