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The Best Cloud-Based Online Accounting Software

Over the past couple of years, I’ve moved a lot of my traditional “software” based tasks to the cloud.   You can read about it here: I Started Moving My Finances and Business To The Cloud.  There are so many great tools that I have been able to take advantage of, including Google Docs and […]

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Cloud Computing for a Better Business: Why Cloud?

Cloud computing have successfully penetrated the small business landscape. However, some businesses are still using traditional infrastructure and strategies to run their operations. Are you one of these companies? Isn’t it about time you consider going cloud? Business Cloud can be used for a wide range of different applications. Some common examples are email servers, […]

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Diversify to Succeed – Reuben Singh

When you look for inspiration for your career, it is only natural to turn to people who are already successful in the sector that you are trying to break into. Almost regardless of the field you want to enter there will be someone in whose footsteps you can follow. Picking someone and finding out how […]

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Starting a Taxi Business: 4 Steps to Success

Spotted a gap in the market, or think you have something new to bring to the industry? Not many entrepreneurs will consider setting up a taxi firm as a viable new business, but there are certainly opportunities out there, and if you’re willing to consider this as a proposition, then read on to find out […]


Tips to Bring Your Office Communications Into the Modern Age

Bringing your communications systems up to date is vital for a modern business. This is particularly the case because these systems have changed significantly as technology has developed – there are more and more services that are intended to make communication for businesses. Here are a few tips to help you navigate, and make the […]


The Advantages of Unified Threat Management

Keeping a corporate IT infrastructure secure is such a complex and time consuming task that few small and mid-sized businesses can afford dedicated security specialists. This may be a large part of the explanation regarding the recent surge in popularity of unified threat management (UTM) appliances; single boxes which plug in to the company network […]


Get Your Start-Up Running Efficiently

Running a company as efficiently as possible is the aim of every business owner, from an ice cream van driver to the CEO of McDonalds. It is vital to reach profit potential and expand any business that all systems in place are running smoothly with no time or money being wasted in the process. For […]


How to Find a Great Ad Agency For Your Company

Advertising is a multimillion dollar industry worldwide; yet many businesses still think that they can tackle their marketing needs internally. However, if you are trying to refine your company’s advertising to reach your target audience, you should consider hiring an advertising agency that can help position your company for growth. Sadly, with the many options […]