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best online accounting software

The Best Cloud-Based Online Accounting Software

Over the past couple of years, I’ve moved a lot of my traditional “software” based tasks to the cloud.   You can read about it here: I Started Moving My Finances and Business To The Cloud.  There are so many great tools that I have been able to take advantage of, including Google Docs and […]

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ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails: Powerful and Cost-Effective Tool for Web Development

  Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework used for the development of web applications. Ruby on Rails or, as it is usually called, Rails is really hot nowadays and the demand for this development tool is increasing by leaps and bounds. Ruby on Rails is widely used for developing e-commerce and membership sites. Modular […]

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gambling budget

How to Set a Gaming Budget

No doubt about it, gambling is fun and exciting. Whether you’re gaming online, betting on a sporting event or playing poker, it’s a special buzz. But losing more than you can afford is just the opposite kind of experience. And in the heat of the moment it can be all too easy to overstretch yourself, […]

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identity fraud

How Identity Theft Can Cost Your Business Money — And How You Can Stop It

We all know that identity theft is costly for victims: The average cost of repairing the damage from a stolen identity, including lost wages, legal fees, and other costs ranges from about $3,000 to $20,000. That’s not even taking into account the lost productivity and psychological costs. However, it turns out that individuals are not […]

3d printing

The Booming Economy Behind 3D Printing

The year-over-year growth forecasts projected with the advent of 3D printing technology are just starting to come to fruition. This new technology is expected to render many current manufacturing processes obsolete in a new economy where everything will be customizable and consumers will be able to obtain their purchases immediately. With applications ranging from consumer […]

forex myths

3 Forex Myths You Need to Dispel Now

As with almost anything, the Forex market means lots of mythology floating around the potential, both for success and failure. For novice traders, this can be a serious problem, as those myths can lead to great issues as they try to find the right strategy. Here are a few you have to dispel before you […]

mobile usage

Proliferation of Mobile Device Usage in the United States

As the calendar will soon turn to 2015, the habits of web users (both business and consumer) continue to evolve. One overriding theme that is affecting all facets of the web is the increasing usage of mobile devices and tablets for internet access. In fact, mobile and tablet use is now representing such a large […]

high risk business financing

Do High Risk Businesses Have Any Chance of Financing?

Short term loans have become difficult for many business owners to come by. Changes in laws targeted at companies that use predatory practices have made many business owners seek alternative ways of getting credit. Many merchants have found that increasing their credit card sales helps things improve in a meaningful way. There are other solutions […]