How To Set Up a Development Team for Your Startup Remotely

development team

While there are several benefits of remote work, perhaps the most notable is the opportunity to hire talented workers from around the world. For startups, putting together a capable remote development team can make all the difference during crucial periods.

Here’s what you need to know about setting up a remote development team for your startup.

Determining Your Needs

Before you start the recruiting process, the first step is to determine your needs. Think about the work ahead and what areas of expertise you’ll require to get the job done. It can be beneficial for startups with limited resources to set priorities, determine immediate needs, specialties it would be nice to have, and how the team should expand in the future.

This is also the time to start clarifying roles and responsibilities so that you enter the recruitment process with clear expectations. Create a brief outline of the type of projects your team will work on, what processes should be in place (training, payment, etc.), and what steps you must accomplish to get your team in order.

What to Look for in a Development Team

Fortunately, many developers and tech specialists are comfortable with remote work. However, there are key traits and characteristics to look for when creating a collaborative, efficient development team.

Transparency is huge when putting together a remote team of developers. You have to feel comfortable trusting that the work is getting done to avoid costly surprises later on. Communication and transparency go hand-in-hand. Look for team players who take ownership of their work and identify what barriers prevent them from making progress.

It’s also vital to find developers who can walk that fine line between individual work and team cohesion. Finally, passion is what drives a startup to success. Look for developers who are passionate about their chosen career and bring that passion forth to the projects they work on.

How To Find a Development Team Remotely

The best way to source a remote development team is to partner with a recruitment agency. The hiring process can be long, tedious, and nuanced. A remote recruitment agency can help you hire the best developers and set up a tech team for your startup. They also know how to navigate the remote work world, ensuring you get the promised services.

When working with a remote recruitment agency, it’s helpful to have the defined roles and company brief mentioned earlier. By providing this information, you’ll clarify what you need and expect, making the recruiting process more effective.

Outlining Communication Practices

Once the recruitment process is underway, it’s time to start outlining communication best practices. In other words, how you want the team to communicate and come together.

Decide if your team will have shared working sessions, daily check-in meetings, or just weekly round-table updates. Outline how people will be expected to communicate (Slack, email, etc.) and what hours of availability they must maintain. It’s also beneficial to outline expectations surrounding response time to keep communication channels open.

Creating a Team Culture Remotely

Creating a collaborative team culture can be a challenge when working remotely. Implementing a shared onboarding process that starts everyone on the same page is a great way to create a level playing field on a remote team. Aim to get everyone face-to-face as often as possible to humanize those on the other side of the screen.

Collecting feedback and adjusting the team dynamic over time is also valuable in a remote developer team. Find ways to keep the group engaged and passionate about the shared mission, focusing on a supportive environment that moves forward in unison.

With this practical guide, you can set up a remote development team for your startup and get started on your next big project.