How to End a College Essay on a High Note – Writing the Perfect Conclusion

Alright, you’ve almost wrapped up your essay, and now looking at the trickiest part. Are you worried thinking about how to end a college essay effectively? Don’t worry; we understand that it can be as tough as starting it, but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Well, when you start writing your college essay, you first choose a topic, design a thesis statement, and then create an introduction. After that, you have to design body paragraphs discussing the arguments and facts to support your thesis. In the end, you have to write an engaging and strong conclusion before submission.

According to the University of West London, the conclusion part should comprise only 10% of the whole word count of your essay. But don’t think this little amount will have a little impact! It is a fact that a strong conclusion is just as important as an effective introduction for successful essay writing.

Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about crafting the perfect conclusion of your essay. You will also get to know how to end a college essay effectively with our expert tips and tricks. However, for an expert touch-up, you can also benefit from the best college essay writing services online.

Purpose of Writing an Excellent Conclusion

Anything that you write has a purpose, right? Similarly, when it comes to conclusion writing, how can it be without any aim? Well, it is the last but important part of your college essay. It’s like the final words that you say about your whole writing to make it memorable.

Don’t you know how to end a college essay? Keep in mind that it’s not just about repeating what you’ve said before; it’s got a few jobs to do as well.

Here are key reasons why the conclusion is significant:

  • The conclusion summarises the main ideas and arguments presented in the essay.
  • It provides an opportunity to restate the thesis statement or main objective of the essay.
  • The conclusion brings a sense of closure to the essay. It signals to the reader that the discussion has come to an end and leaves a lasting impression.
  • A well-crafted conclusion establishes a connection with the introduction.
  • The conclusion may include any final thoughts, insights, or reflections.
  • A strong conclusion leaves a lasting impression on your reader and elevates the entire piece.

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How to Write a College Essay? Basic Structure Tips

Wondering how to write your essay perfectly so that it stands out from the crowd? Fret not, we will give you some inside tips and tricks that will make your essay skyrocketing. According to UTS, the following is the basic structure of college essays:

How to Start College Essay Introduction?

Introduction writing is the first step when you start your essay writing process. It should have a hook to grab the reader’s interest towards the topic. The rest of the introduction should provide a sense of where your essay is headed. Frame your narrative in four to five sentences.

An essay introduction typically serves three main purposes:

  • Setting the Scene: Paint a picture that helps the reader envision the context of your story.
  • Explaining Importance: Share why the topic is significant and worth exploring.
  • Signposting: Give the reader a roadmap by explaining what your essay aims to achieve.

Keep your introduction concise, focusing on essential information that sets the stage for the core ideas in your essay. Now, before going into depth about how to end a college essay, let’s first have a look at the middle section, the main body.

Express Your Story in the Body of Your Essay

Now, it’s time to unfold your narrative in the main part of your essay. If your introduction and conclusion are roughly around 200 words each, your body should make up about 800 words. Imagine this as three to five paragraphs, where each paragraph revolves around its own main idea or point.

Organise the body of your essay into these paragraphs. Each one should tackle a different facet of the issue, yet they should connect in some manner to the ones before and after. This can be tricky, even for seasoned writers, because there are various effective ways to structure and utilise paragraphs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all template for a perfect paragraph.

How to Start College Essay Conclusion?

Finally, we have come to the part where we will answer your question, “How to end a college essay to make it win?” So, for that, you have to bring your story to a close with a conclusion paragraph, ensuring you’ve conveyed your main point effectively. Reflect on what you most want the college to understand about you through this narrative.

Is it the lessons you’ve learned, a significant value, or your aspirations for contributing to society? Lastly, wrap up your essay with the personal statement you wish to leave about yourself.

In conclusion, there’s no need to introduce new information. The basic college essay conclusion structure consists of the following points:

  • Remind readers of the essay’s main purpose
  • Provide a resolution to the title, if possible
  • Summarise your journey to the answer

Keep the conclusion to a single paragraph. It brings together all the essential elements of your essay, eliminating the need to restate intricate details unless you are emphasising a specific point.

How to End Your College Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

After pouring energy into your essay, wrapping it up effectively is crucial. Most college students come to us and ask similar questions about this part, like how to end a college essay by writing the perfect conclusion. So, what we advise them is it should be straightforward, brief, and, above all, memorable. Since college admissions officers go through numerous essays so, your conclusion should leave the most memorable last impression on them.

Monash University has presented a college essay conclusion structure, and you must cover all these aspects at the end:

Regardless of how you choose to conclude, focus on the lesson learned. Think about the conclusion of a fantastic movie – what left you with a warm feeling just before the credits rolled? Your ending should be impactful and moving, hinting at what lies ahead. Follow the following easy 5-step guide if you want to know how to end a college essay to make your conclusion perfect:

Step 1: Support Your Main Argument with Evidence

This is where you make your major argument clear in the conclusion. It basically includes supporting the arguments that you have discussed in the introduction before. Here, we will show the reader that we have proved what we were supposed to do in our thesis statement. So, to guarantee that your message is understood clearly:

  • Think about the essential points of your major essay assertion.
  • Provide a brief summary of the major arguments you have made.
  • Rephrase your key point and briefly summarise the supporting data.
  • To successfully validate your thesis, use past tense terminology such as “as highlighted” or “this essay demonstrated.”

We will also explore the things that you should not do in your conclusion here, but before that, let’s first complete this guide about how to end a college essay in 5 easy steps.

Step 2: Introduce Fresh Perspectives

Introduce fresh concepts that go beyond the scope of your first argument to elevate your conclusion beyond a simple summary. You should not just revise the statement that you want to achieve. Instead, try to write it in a more unique way so it may not look repetitive and boring. For that, you should:

  • Present a fresh idea that could reshape your thesis if time allows.
  • Look at it from a different angle that strengthens your core argument even more.
  • Discuss any evidence that rejects your claim and provide reasons why it should be included.
  • Use your thesis to illustrate the adaptability of your argument by applying it to a new topic or viewpoint.
  • You may add fresh viewpoints to your essay and make it more intellectually complex, giving the reader something to think about. It will help you to know everything about how to end a college essay with fresh ideas.

Step 3: Add a Personal Touch

Add a little touch of your individuality at the end, establishing a link between your educational path and life experiences:

  1. Provide an instance from your life that helps the reader better understand you.
  2. Make an emotional connection with the reader and relate it to the main idea.
  3. Your essay gains humanisation from this intimate touch, which also makes it more memorable and relevant.

Step 4: Address the Applications and Implications

Suppose your essay was about “The use of AI technology in essay writing”. Now, look at how to end a college essay on this topic. Here, you should add some useful uses of artificial intelligence and look at the factors of how you can use it to make your essay better. You just have to discuss the applications that you have already covered in your essay shortly. In short, you have to think about the larger implications of your claim and its possible uses:

Step 5: End with a Question or Call to Action

You may have heard that start your introduction with an engaging question. Similarly, experts advise you to end your conclusion by asking a question from your reader. Or, if your essay is about to act on something, you can also add a request for action in it.

  • Ask a thought-provoking inquiry.
  • Give the reader a call to action to act upon.
  • You should end it on a memorable and thought-provoking note that opens up the mind of the reader.

After finishing this essay’s conclusion step-by-step guide, let’s move towards its examples. As we have seen, examples make you understand everything in the best and easiest way, so let’s try it out!

How to End a College Essay Examples

We already know that many examples exist, but neither discussed this conclusion section like before. Here, we have come up with a unique but common scientific topic. Suppose your essay topic is about the “Impact of global warming on agriculture in today’s life”. Then, how would you write its conclusion? Well, it should be something like this:

“It is the need of the hour to do something about global warming affecting agriculture. Let’s start by using some eco-friendly farming methods. It mainly includes growing crops that can handle the changing climate and putting in rules to cut down on harmful emissions.

Indeed, it’s a team effort – governments, businesses, and regular folks like us need to work together to protect our food sources. Students alone are not capable of changing the whole thing. But if we all get together, we can create a future where smart choices and good policies keep our farms safe from the problems caused by global warming. And I see that in the near future, we shall be able to achieve a protected and safe environment for agriculture, too!”

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Concluding Your College Essay

We understand that students these days are so busy with many activities that they don’t get enough time to learn these basic essay-writing skills. The most common question that we get about it is, “How to end a college essay on a high note?” We have provided its step-by-step guide above.

But we still feel like you should also know the things that you must avoid during this process. So, we have summarised these points for you:

1. Repeating Your Thesis Statement

Most of the students make a common mistake by simply repeating the thesis statement. It is not a good way to do so. Yes, you have to discuss it, but not by restating it as it is. Experts suggest that you should present your ideas in an innovative and interesting way every time you discuss them. It will help you to maintain the reader’s interest in your work.

2. Cheesy Quotes

You should not use the cheesy quotes that every other person has written in their content. Brainstorm new ideas and generate unique content from others. Don’t paste other’s ideas as it leaves a negative impression on your reader.

Commonly used phrases like “better late than never” and “Everything happens for a reason” have lost their originality. So, avoid using such similar quotes in your essay conclusion.

3. Unexplained References

Wondering how to end a college essay along with references? Well, fear not; you don’t have to write both these things collectively. Yes, you have to write the references for the content you have already written at the end of your essay.

But it will be placed in the reference list after this conclusion section. You must cover all these things as it is crucial to show academic integrity, and it also helps the reader to navigate through every claim easily.

4. Slang Terms

Don’t add any slang into your conclusion, as they have become very old-fashioned, like “in conclusion” or “in summary.” Instead of this, you should go for more original and engaging language throughout your essay and also in the conclusion. It will help you to engage the reader and make everything interesting.

5. Abrupt Endings

Some students don’t realise the importance of well-structured endings. Keep in mind that abrupt leaves your readers somewhere in between, and they don’t understand the final results. To avoid this situation, you should pay attention to wrapping your essay in a more satisfying way.

So, hopefully, you have got the perfect solution for your most asked questions, like how to make your essay conclusion perfect, how to end a college essay by making it error-free, and many more.

What is a Good Ending Sentence for a College Essay?

To end your essay perfectly, you should discuss the main idea of your essay in an innovative way. Like your writing style, idea and order, everything should be different and unique. In this way, summarise the key idea of the paragraph without using the exact same words.

Furthermore, you should aim for your essay to finish on a positive note, much like the conclusion of a movie, so that it leaves a positive impression on the reader. You can talk like this too: “I’ll always recall that moment,” or “I’ve gained valuable insights from this evaluation and analysis.” Also, it will pave the path to more useful insights and will significantly impact our future generation in a positive way.

How to End a College Essay with a Quote?

To finish your essay with a quote, you should smoothly incorporate it by briefly linking it to the main points or thesis. But here, you should not use the previously existing quotes that everyone uses. It gives a negative impression to the committee, and it looks like you didn’t have to talk about your own things. But if it is unique, make it relevant to your topic.


We understand that you often get tired of thinking about how to end a college essay in the best way possible. But don’t worry; we are here to guide you through every thick and thin of this amazing journey. By following our above-mentioned guide, you will be ready to create a high-note conclusion, making your whole essay perfect.

However, if you’re still struggling with how to end a college essay, don’t hesitate to reach out to college essay writers for extra help and guidance. You can also pay someone to write your essay or buy college essay online from them to ensure your highest grades.