Key Benefits of Corporate Live Streaming

Key Benefits of Corporate Live Streaming

In the age of technology, more and more brands are turning to live streaming as a key tool in their arsenal. But, how can live streaming be utilized, and how is it beneficial? Let’s take a look. 

Virtual Events 

Although virtual corporate events have only really taken off over the past few years, live streaming has long since been utilized particularly by the entertainment industry to provide virtual versions of traditionally in-person experiences. Take something like online casinos, for example – card game enthusiasts can join in live games of online blackjack which are hosted in real-time by a real dealer. The dealer controls a physical card table in a studio, which is streamed live to players’ devices. Combining the digital elements whilst maintaining the feel of real human contact helps to provide an immersive and authentic casino experience. 

This same logic can be applied to corporate events, too. Some events like product launches, award ceremonies, trade shows, and conferences, for example, need to have some of the elements of in-person events; there needs to be a host who can interact with the products and materials, and present the event online. Live streaming can then remove geographical and logistical restrictions for the attendees, widening the audience of the events. In addition, they can be recorded and posted to a database so that anyone who missed it can have the same experience at a later date. 

Internal Communications 

In addition to using live streams for external communications and events, it can also be used for internal processes too – even more so if some of the workforce works from home some or all of the time. Whilst tools like instant messaging, telephone calls, and emails can be excellent ways to communicate, this leaves out important aspects of communication like body language and facial expressions. 

Live video calls, then, allow employees the opportunity to pick up on their colleague’s tone of voice and body language during their communications, as well as experiencing human contact. This can allow businesses to foster an environment of teamwork. It is almost no surprise that video calling applications were the most used digital communication tools for remote and hybrid workers in 2023, and 52% of remote workers reported feeling more connected to their team as a result. 

Key Benefits of Corporate Live Streaming

Sales and Marketing 

Video is often considered to be the advertising method that consumers find the most engaging. For this reason, live-streamed video content can be a great way to showcase products or services through social media platforms, informative webinars, or onsite content, building up a database of both current and evergreen content. Hosting the videos live allows audiences to engage with the content in real-time, which can make the experience feel more intimate and personal. 

One of the best ways to promote products without being too ‘salesy’ is to live stream demonstrations and instructional tutorials. 95% of consumers have watched an explainer video, and 53% watch two or more a week. In fact, tutorials and demos are shown to make consumers almost twice as likely to purchase a product. This can therefore not only boost engagement but also customer acquisition and conversion. 

As you can see, live streaming has many applications in the corporate world, and these are merely a few examples. By embracing corporate live streaming, brands can widen their audiences, foster an atmosphere of teamwork, and even boost their sales.