Be Approachable: Stay Available to Win Over Your Employees

The communication gap is a huge issue in many workplaces. Employees often feel like they cannot reach their boss if they need to. This hesitation in reaching out often stems from the internal corporate hierarchy. This makes them feel uncomfortable, and they feel at different levels.

If, as a boss, you take travel frequently and are never in town, then being available for your employees becomes even more of a difficult task. Last week I talked about you should run your meetings like a democracy; the whole idea was to give the employees a chance to be heard and feel a part of the company.

When the employees feel like they cannot come to you with their issues or their work doesn’t feel appreciated, it can create tension in the workplace. The employees will start feeling more and more disconnected. At the end of the day, the people working for you are humans, and while they get paid for the work they do, being acknowledged and appreciated every now and then helps boost morale.

Make sure that the employees know that they can come to you anytime, and it won’t be an issue. Do regular check-ins on them. If you know something important to them is going on, make sure to follow-up on it. Make them feel like your doors are always open for them. Keep encouraging them regularly.

As a leader, you should be mindful of what you say, but you should also be mindful of what you do not say. Non-verbal cues are as important. Your whole stance should be welcoming. Even if you are busy, make sure to smile and greet your employees on the way to your office. You racing off without even looking at them isn’t going to help anyone.

If you feel like there is something going on that the employees are scared to bring up, then run an anonymous survey. Try to solve issues that are bothering them. Learn about what they like and dislike about the office; sometimes, it is the small changes in the work environment that can make a whole lot of difference. Encourage them and make their voices heard.

When an employee thinks that the company cares about them, that is when they care more about the company. Good work stems from the feeling of caring about something. The quality of work will improve if the employees feel valued and appreciated.

Final Thoughts

Being available doesn’t always mean being in the office and ready to be in your employees’ personal spaces. It means giving them the feeling of being heard and letting them know that you are there for them. It doesn’t matter if you travel a lot and are rarely in the office, if your employees feel that they can reach out and you are just a call away, it is enough to have dedicated employees. Don’t forget to catch up with them from time to time. Show that you care!