What You Don’t Think About When Planning a Party

If you’re playing host to a huge party, you have taken on quite a responsibility! No matter what you’re celebrating, it’s a lot of planning and preparation ahead of you. Try and expect the unexpected for your bash. Here are some things that you should log away for your party:

Impressing Clients

Smoking Section

Even if people consider vape pens to be less offensive than cigarettes, the fact is that not everyone wants to inhale secondhand smoke. Designate a smoking section away from everyone else, and be sure to have something available to use as an ashtray. (You don’t want to end up with cigarette butts all over your yard.)

Alcohol for All?

Are you serving alcohol at the party, and if so, are you providing it? If not, make sure that guests understand ahead of time that this is a BYOB party. When guests do not realize this, one of two outcomes normally occurs:

  1. They are annoyed and irritable the rest of the evening or
  2. They drink everyone else’s alcohol.

Have VERY clear rules what your alcohol policy will be when you invite people over to avoid any potential meltdowns.

Plenty of Paper

The last thing that you want when you’re in the middle of a giant house party is to run out of toilet paper. This can create chaos a lot faster than you’d like to believe. Visit Costco and stock up on their massive packs of toilet paper — and while you’re at it, grab more napkins and paper towels. Better safe than sorry!

Designated Driver

If people are going to be drinking, then they absolutely need to have a backup plan to driving home. Before the party begins, assign at least a few designated drivers in case your guests have a little too much fun. For a cost, you can also look into Lyft or Uber party services for your guests.

Last Call

Unless you don’t mind having a few passed-out guests all over your house, make sure that you (gracefully) start asking people to leave when you feel that it’s time to wrap up. Sure, it’s a compliment that everyone is having fun and doesn’t want to leave, but you have to deal with the aftermath tomorrow, not everyone else!

 Planning a big party can seem like a huge task and let’s be real — it is! Alongside the traditional party-planning elements like food and music, factor in other possibilities too. Everyone wants their party to be unforgettable, but hopefully not in a bad way!

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