Ways to Use Twitter Scheduling to Enhance Your Marketing

Twitter is a powerful social media platform and search engine that brings in 326 million users per month. This means that the network provides a huge platform for marketers to build brands and drive sales. However, there are 500 million tweets sent out each day, meaning that you have to strategize well in order to stand out.

Knowing how to automate and schedule quality tweets is one of the best ways of doing this, but you also need to combine this with a few Twitter marketing strategies. In this guide, we will look at some strategies you can use to make the best out of Twitter scheduling.


What is Twitter Scheduling?

Twitter scheduling is a functionality that allows marketers to create a tweet and then schedule a date and time when they want that tweet to be sent out. Scheduling can be set up with an advertiser account under ads.twitter.com.

To schedule tweets, you can either select the “Compose Tweet” button or go to the “Creatives” tab, select “Tweets,” and then “Only Scheduled Tweets.”

Ways to use Twitter scheduling to enhance your marketing

Know when most of your followers are active

The best way to reach out to your followers with scheduled tweets is to know when they are most likely to interact with your tweet. This means understanding when your audience is online and scheduling your tweets for these times.

One of the best ways to know such is by using Tweriod, a twitter app that analyzes both your tweets and your followers’ tweets to give you the best time to tweet. This way, you will be able to tweet when your followers are most active.

Understand/ Profile your audience

Different businesses target different audiences, and understanding your audience’s behavior can give you an edge in tweet scheduling. Are they busy workers who often scroll through their timeline during evening commute? Do they like to go online during brunch on weekends? You can use various analytics tools to sort out your audience.

Location Matters

The location of your audience determines their time zone, and so your scheduling needs to reflect this if you have an international audience. If your audience is usually most active at 11 a.m and you have huge audience in different countries that have varied time zones, you may need to schedule multiple tweets for 11 a.m in multiple time zones.

Test for Optimal Interactions

Apart from relying on analytics to know when best to reach your audience, you can do a practical test. Come up with a plan to schedule tweets during various times of the day, and try to create a pattern over several days or weeks. You can then establish when you get the most engagements.

Keep your Scheduled Tweets in Check

Just because you have scheduled your tweets doesn’t mean that you can relax and let twitter do its thing. Certain events can affect the relevance or even appropriateness of your tweets, so you need to review them regularly. For example, you do not want to be NRA and post this after the Colorado shootings.

After a major tragedy or big news event, it’s advisable to pause your scheduled tweets, or at least go over them.

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