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There is no doubt that the Internet has involved over the past decade and there is perhaps no better example of this observation than the rise in the number of mobile devices on the planet. Were you aware that more than two-thirds of the global population is now connected to some form of mobile Internet device? This equates to roughly five billion individuals. Such momentum has not been lost within the online trading community, as investors now have the ability to execute positions with an unheard-of sense of flexibility. What are some of the main benefits of mobile trading systems and are there any prudent suggestions to keep in mind?

Mobile Trading Platforms at a Glance: On-the-Go Efficiency

The most obvious advantage of any mobile trading system is that you are no longer restricted to a physical location such as your home or the office. Those who need to balance trading hours with their work schedule are therefore able to enjoy a much more malleable investment strategy without being tied to any limitations.

Technology has likewise come a long way. One of the main limitations with previous trading systems is that they did not possess a mobile-friendly design. This essentially signified that they were unable to be optimised to fit the size of smaller screens or to adjust to different operating systems (such as Android or iOS). Thankfully, modern architecture is perfectly suited for a host of devices. Thanks to CMC Markets, the ability to trade on your tablet has come a long way. Simply download the dedicated iPad application and navigate to your favourite investment sectors. All parameters will appear identical to those associated with a personal computer, so there is no additional learning curve.

Leveraging the Best Mobile Trading Strategy

Mobile trading is quite similar to traditional methods and yet, there are some notable metrics to keep in mind. The first involves connectivity. Let’s not forget that even the most advanced platforms will not function without a strong wireless signal (preferably 4G). Slower connection speeds can lead to slight lag times and these will invariably impact your ability to make snap decisions at the appropriate times.

It is also wise to avoid trading if you are distracted or very tired. While this is a well-known observation under normal conditions, it is even more relevant for those who are utilising mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As they can connect to the app with the swipe of a finger, it can be tempting to monitor the markets on a 24/7 basis. Not only could this interrupt other areas of your life, but it may even affect your sleeping habits if you happen to be trading on markets thousands of kilometres away. Psychologists have found a very clear correlation between a lack of sleep and the inability to make proper judgement calls on short notice. This is an obvious risk if you are hoping to maximise your profit margins. There is no doubt that trading on the move is a great way to boost your income while keeping abreast of the latest open market movements. CMC Markets provides you with a number of cutting edge tools and as always, a representative is happy to help if you have additional questions.

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