Smart Entrepreneurs Will Use These IT Tools to Get Ahead in Business

Here’s why smart entrepreneurs will use these IT tools to help put themselves in the best possible position for business success.

A modern-day entrepreneur needs to be agile. Tech fluency is increasingly becoming a necessity for entrepreneurs. One must be able to manage time, delegate tasks, communicate, keep track of finances, and maybe even do some network housekeeping, with relative ease. What better way to do this than through smart IT tools?

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IT Tools for the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Efficiency is essential for the entrepreneur. Time and productivity can bleed out slowly, minute after minute, without the proper structure. Nowadays, with everyone working from home, there’s more downtime as homebound employees spend precious hours wrestling with unfamiliar tech. This equates to more overhead in the end.

Time and money fall through the cracks.”Leave some for the birds,” they say. I know its already spring, but no sir!

These are the computer tech tools entrepreneurs are using to get ahead in business.

Project Management

To manage people and projects is to manage time. Asana and Trello are at the top when it comes to project management. Both have a visual, super user-friendly interface that makes delegating tasks as easy as dragging and dropping. These are team-based products, but if you are a solo entrepreneur, you might use these apps when collaborating with other freelancers.

Smart Email

Perhaps you need to communicate within your organization in a way that eliminates clutter. Slack is a tool that bills itself as an ’email alternative.’ It allows you to directly with only the most relevant team members via channels, rather than a traditional email system. This can significantly reduce efficiency-eating muddle by targeting members within a conversation.

Virtually Meet

Meeting apps are having a moment, thanks to quarantining. Zoom and are two of the most popular when it comes to live-meeting and video conference software.‘s platform allows file sharing amongst a group, which makes real-time collaboration possible.

Content and Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

Building up your brand is essential, and several IT tools make it easy to create, manage, and share your message.

Standing out in the crowded field is mission-critical. Your product or service is unique, no doubt. But this alone cannot carry the day. You must be seen and heard. Nothing gets you the eyes and ears you need like unique content.

Creating unique content can be difficult. Where do you get ideas? We’ve all heard of writer’s block, but what about “content block”? Well, the good news is you don’t have to come up with content all by yourself.

Help From Content Pros

Bloggers were the first social media influencers. Since the dawn of internet marketing, blogging has been the beta version of that svelt athlete-model on the beach sipping on that energy drink. Words work. Getting your brand’s message in the hands of a professional blogger can, in turn, get it in front of the perfect target audience.

This is what a service like Blogdash can do. Their seasoned, professional blog writers can craft a compelling message and send it out to a directed crowd who is more likely to buy what you’re selling.

Believe it or not, your product or service is newsworthy. Did you know there are ways to get actual journalists to write about what you have to offer? Press Pass, Help AReporter, and Just Reach Out can list you as a source for journalists looking for stories. It’s a great way to get some press coverage.

Social Media Management

Once you get a handle on your content, you must be able to curate it for social media. Sniply lets you add an eye-catching call to action to the links you share. Because helping people find you once your message is out is equally important.

Buffer and Hootsuite can help you manage your multiple social media accounts. You need a way to keep track of what you sent out, and these software tools have the additional benefit of analytics. You’ll be able to see what social media campaigns are most effective.

More Tools for Entrepreneurs: From Finance to Freelance

Spending beyond your means. People do it all too often. When an entrepreneur overspends, it can be a recipe for certain doom.

Finance Software

Ask any finance guru, and expense tracking is the number one way to get a handle on finances. Expensify is a fully-integrated reporting system, complete with a pre-paid card that allows you to set firm limits on spending. It comes with additional features that work for small businesses. Concur, and Rydoo are similar services that enable real-time expenditure tracking.

Hiring Freelance Help

Most successful entrepreneurs know when to outsource. Despite all the IT software available, sometimes you just have to hire out. Fivver and Upwork are two excellent budget options. From graphic design to web content, there is no better deal out there. You can benefit from the many thousands of online gig workers hungry for jobs. But, you do get what you pay for, so buyer beware.

On the higher end of the scale is TopTal (as in “top talent”). If you need some primo software or product development or even financial analysis, this company touts that it hires out only the “top 3 percent” of talent in their field. Perfect for when you’re ready to scale up.

DIY IT for the Entrepreneur

Finally, I know as an entrepreneur, you may have to wear the “IT guy” hat every once in a while. Eventually, as your company grows, you’ll want to invest in professional help. Learn more about what major league, comprehensive IT infrastructure maintenance looks like.

In the meantime, as you DIY your way to the top, it’s good to know of some of the more involved IT software tools out there.

Cyber Cleanse

IT hygiene is essential, and tools like CC Cleaner (literally crap cleaner) can remove any bloat that may be slowing down your system. Files that are unnecessary, temporary, or just old are often the culprit dragging down your speed and inhibiting productivity. CC Cleaner can provide your drive a much-needed cyber-enema.

Protect Yourself

Malwarebytes. This alpha-dog of anti-malware can remove what most other programs can’t. On top of this, the premium version can make sure no new malware sneaks in.

Get Ready to Grow!

You are an entrepreneur who embraces the IT tools needed to succeed. Growth is inevitable. As you scale, your IT needs will grow more complex. Outsourcing your IT system may be in order sooner than you realize.

Data backup, disaster recovery, network engineering. From firewalls to your business’ wifi. As you enter the big leagues, you’ll need some big-league help. When your IT house is in order, scaling up can become a reality.

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