How to Make Your Home Office More Productive

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Whether you work full-time from home or you tend to bring work home with you from the office, it’s important to take strategic design techniques into consideration when crafting a home office. Striking a balance between productivity and comfort can be a more difficult endeavor than it seems, but incorporating these tips into your décor scheme will create the perfect home office space conducive to all of your business needs.

A Distraction-Free Area

When you’re deciding on a location for an office workspace in your home, take into consideration the distractions you might be vulnerable to in any given space. If you have yet to select where you’ll set up your home office, consider areas that are away from the central living spaces, including your family room and kitchen. You’ll want to work in an area that’s away from excess noise, far from the distraction of technology (working in front of that television in the den isn’t going to do you any favors). Also, take windows into consideration: while natural light is great for a workspace, you also may find that sitting in front of the beating sun for hours on end makes you far more uncomfortable than anticipated.

Productive Comfort

Dealing with an aching back and sore legs at the end of the day tends to be a widespread issue for office workers, but doing your best to avoid these pains, especially when you’re in the comfort of your own home with control over the furniture utilized. The best piece of advice is to shop long and hard for the perfectly ergonomic chair. Sitting for eight hours or more a day wreaks havoc on our bodies, and anything you can do to mitigate pain is a good idea. Shop The Human Solution for ergonomic chairs that will keep your back properly aligned, support your neck, and keep you as comfortable as possible while you get your work done. Also, be aware of how your computer screen is setup. Your monitor should be arm’s length away, centered directly in front of you, and the top of the screen should be level with your eyes. Movable monitor arms can make a huge difference, especially if you’re working with a small space.

Modern Decoration Options

Don’t leave your home office without personality. The space should reflect you and your interests, especially if you’ll be spending endless hours there. There is a threat of over-decorating however, so choose sparingly. You might also choose to shop modern; contemporary design means clean lines and simplistic mediums, and it’s wise to search for the type of modern décor pieces that will lend themselves to a clutter-free workspace. One of the easiest design schemes is to select a statement art piece and then work the rest of your décor pieces around that.

Light Up Your Work

If you don’t have natural light to work with, make sure you invest in plenty of artificial light sources. Working in a dingy, dark area will affect your mood and your productivity, so make sure you purchase desk lamps that will light up your work and keep your eyes from straining through the dark. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much light affects us, so be aware of this facet from the beginning and ensure you have enough light to keep you going even through the darkest of night hours.

Stay Organized

Disorganization is one of the biggest killers of productivity, so make sure you commit to keeping your home office strategically organized. Purchase desk organizers, invest in plenty of storage to keep any errant papers or supplies out of your workspace when they’re not needed. Utilize vertical shelving to save floor space and take the time every day to put everything in its place when you finish your tasks.

Designing your home office means placing individual touches here and there, but these general tips will help you start creating a space perfect for productivity.

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  1. Great advice! I hadn’t given much thought to the work space other than buying a comfortable chair. Time to make some changes!

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