How to Find Your Ideal Roommate?


Some people enjoy their own space, and some want to save more money during their college days. Having a roommate is always good, both in saving some extra money and having someone to keep you company when you are miles away from home.

But how do you find your ideal roommate? Is there even a thing as a perfect roommate?

Here, we answer all your questions.

1. Go on Roommatch

While old school people relied on Craigslist and Facebook groups to find their ideal roommate back in the days, things have become a lot sketchier now.

These platforms are not as reliable as they used to be back in the days. People are not as authentic as they used to be.

Roommatch is a fantastic alternative. The platform is like a dating website for finding your perfect roommate match and hence the name.

More than the ease of use, the platform is genuine, has registered users, and doesn’t charge you any extra money for the matching personality quizzes.

The website also has a secure messaging system that you can use to talk to your potential roommates to break the ice before finalizing the move.

2. Look Beyond the Realm of Friendships

When looking for a roommate, we tend to reach out to our friends first, thinking they would be an ideal fit. That is not the case all the time.

Just because you are good friends with someone doesn’t mean they’ll be good roommates. 

Some friends have several in-home bad habits that you probably don’t know about.

When looking for an ideal roommate, you must think practically and choose the one that matches your needs the best.

Instead of ruining a perfectly good friendship by becoming roommates, look for your roommates elsewhere.

3. Check the Temperaments

Your ideal roommate doesn’t have to be your clone. You want someone that matches your wavelength better. Having similar temperaments is extremely important, or else you will have a hard time living with them.

If you are an introvert and likes to stay holed up in the room and watch some Netflix or read books and sip on hot coffee, you want a roommate who appreciates that and has a similar vibe.

Getting a roommate on the other spectrum with their behavior and is a complete opposite of what you are, they won’t be considered an ideal match for your living situation.

4. Enquire About the Schedule

Another essential factor to check is your potential roommate’s schedule, depending on what your expectations are.

If you want a roommate with a similar schedule as yours so you can spend some time together after a day’s work, find one accordingly.

In case you enjoy some quiet time to yourself and want the house to yourself now and then, get a roommate who has a different schedule from you. 

In such cases, if you have a morning shift at work, find a roommate that works night shifts. This way, you will have the house to yourself at night and vice versa.

5. On-time Payments

The majority of people find roommates to ease the burden of rent. So, when choosing your ideal roommate, you’d want someone who can pay their rent on time. It is a necessity you can’t forego.

Being clear about the rent expectations, due dates, and the expenses for the house’s maintenance is another factor you need to be very clear about.

It might feel a little intrusive, but it is essential that you clearly talk to your potential roommate about their source of income and ask them for income proof as well.

6. Equal Contribution to Chores

An ideal roommate is like your other half in the house. If you have chores like washing dishes, cleaning, watering the plants, etc., you want a roommate who will contribute equally.

You want someone that will pitch in with the household chores every single day. If your roommate doesn’t end up doing their part of chores in the house, it will lead to resentment 

between the two of you in the long run.

Being clear before choosing a roommate is always the best idea. Give them a quick look through the household chores and ask them beforehand if they are okay with the arrangement.

7. Shared Interests

This one is not specifically a “must-have,” but having similar interests always ensures good communication. It often gives you something to hold a conversation with.

If you like the same band as your roommate, you’d have a fun time fangirling over them. Similarly, if you enjoy video games, having a roommate who is into something similar helps strengthen the bond further.

Having similar interests makes you both the perfect partner in crime for each other.


Finding an ideal roommate is as challenging as finding a loyal partner. But, we hope that these few tips come in handy for you while looking out for your perfect roommate. Ensure that you always check through multiple applications and talk to them personally before deciding on selecting one that you think would be the ideal one for you and your home.

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