How to Digitize Your Small Business in 2021

Going digital for your business has been a good idea ever since the internet was invented. Not only does it cut down your operating costs, but also gives you a wider reach to parts of the population that you just couldn’t have face to face. 

The growth that your business can have once online is exponential compared to that of traditional word-of-mouth referrals. And if you haven’t taken the big step to either expand your business to digital platforms or transfer it completely: in 2021, it is imperative your business is digitized. 

The global pandemic bolstered e-commerce and remote work in an unprecedented way, and we see an upward trend. Digital businesses are not going anywhere. 

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And if the task seems daunting to you, you don’t have anything to be afraid of. Even if you’re not tech-savvy: there are plenty of smart tools and resources that you can utilize to build the online presence that your brand deserves. 

Here are some key points to getting started with digitizing your business: 

Build a Mobile App

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Do you know what percentage of the world has a smartphone? A 2020 statistic reports 45.4% of the entire global population has a smartphone with internet access. Just slightly short of half, this is a whopping 3.5 billion people holding a mobile in their hands. The number has probably increased by now, seeing as we’re well into 2021. 

The number of people who own computers is significantly lesser, less than 35% of internet users are doing it through a computer. 

In order to reach out to maximum customers, building a mobile app that can be easily installed is the best way to do it.

But doing this isn’t as easy as creating a website: and many small businesses make the mistake of trying to accomplish this in-house with less-qualified app developers. There are many areas where we encourage entrepreneurs to cut costs: this isn’t one of them. Enlist a trusted service for ios and android app development for a robust, well-functioning, enhanced usability mobile app for your small business and enjoy higher sales conversions. 

Create Valuable Content

In a traditional business, you can get a large hoarding printed and stick it above your store and be done with advertising. When you’re an online business, you have to create an online presence for your brand on social media platforms. But it’s not so easy to garner attention in these spaces: you have to constantly create and post valuable and relevant content about your brand in order to stay relevant.

These could be pictures of your product, customer reviews, or even aspirational lifestyle images. You’re always marketing your brand, and it helps to tap into an existing community and idea. For example, if you’re selling yoga mats, you’ll want to promote ideas of wellness and spirituality. If you’re a local micro-brewery, you might benefit from connecting the brand with hipster-subculture identity.

Hire Remote

Since you’re trying to generate revenue online, it makes sense to also hire remote to cut down on costs of office space. If you’re willing to take it a step further, consider freelance and part-time designers and content creators for your brand so that you can pay according to need. 

Final Words

There are plenty of resources out there on how to take your small business online. All of us are resistant to change, and no matter how good or bad your business is doing in real life: going online only has benefits to offer, and very little risks involved. 

Good Luck!

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