From Point A to B: How to Move Those Heavy Loads

When it comes to moving heavy loads, caster wheels get the job done. But how do you find the right ones? You cannot just pick any set of caster wheels. You need to look into several factors to choose the right ones for your project, especially if you need heavy duty casters.  

How Will The Caster be Mounted to The Project?  

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Casters usually come in two different mounting types: plate and stem. A stem mount is a long piece that is usually threaded and screws into the bottom of the equipment. A plate mount is a top flat metal piece at the top of the caster wheel that provides holes to screw the caster to the bottom of the equipment. 

The plate mount is the most common type of mounting system for casters. Heavy duty plate casters provide a larger plate for stability, which along with the usual forged steel construction, make these wheels a good choice for extra heavy loads. If you need to move the equipment in a variety of directions, you should consider using a heavy duty swivel caster.  Because of the heavier loads, these casters often come with brakes to make sure that your equipment does not move unless you want it to. This provides not only strength but safety. 

Which Wheel Size Do You Need? 

Size matters when it comes to heavy loads. When choosing your caster wheels, pay attention to the weight capacity of each wheel. When calculating for wheel size, note that the load capacity provided in the description is usually for each caster. For example, if the caster can handle 300 pounds, you will times that by how many casters you plan to use for the project. If your load is near the top of the weight capacity for the wheel size, in most cases, you will want to go up a size. 

Which Caster Material Should You Choose? 

Heavy duty caster wheels are usually made of forged steel or polymer. Both are strong and built to last; however, the steel can be hard on flooring. If you need heavy duty casters on flooring other than smooth steel or concrete, the polymer ones provide better floor protection. Polymer caster wheels can be used on concrete and smooth steel flooring as well as linoleum, carpet, and brick flooring. 

When shopping for the right heavy duty swivel caster for your project, make sure you do your research. Find the ones that handle your load on your type of flooring. 

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