Boost Your Employees’ Efficiency Overnight with 7 Top Productivity Software Tools

Productivity is on everyone’s mind after the world shifted to a work-from-home model due to the global pandemic that struck earlier this year. Nearly every company today allows some, most, or all of its employees to work from home for at least part of the week. Some have even completely shifted to a permanent WFM model for their employees. In such a scenario, organizations have been hunting for the best tools to make their workers as productive as ever. But it is a challenging task. With people spread out all over the city, country, and world, companies are quickly seeing the drawbacks of traditional standalone software and are migrating to cloud-integrated products that facilitate collaboration and global access, but in a secure manner. Here are 7 such products to immediately boost the productivity of your teams no matter where they are working from.

PDFelement 8 for Windows

Most companies have PC environments, and this is true of most of their employees’ home setups. PDFelement offers a comprehensive document management system that is integrated with cloud storage and an online electronic signature feature that is proving extremely useful. The tool is essentially a PDF editor but can handle hundreds of document formats. The versatile new PDFelement 8 draws on the strengths of its predecessors while bringing in some new capabilities to make your employees more productive overnight. Here’s a quick look at some of the new and carry-over features of PDFelement 8 for Windows:

Newly Introduced Features

  • Brand New UI Design
    • Minimalistic design philosophy
    • New iconography to make usage more intuitive
    • Granular layout changes for better menu styles and toolbar icons
    • Higher-resolution output
    • Simplified navigation
  • Lightweight with Faster Performance
    • Smaller digital footprint to conserve your system resources
    • Super-fast launch time
    • Enhanced document loading speed
  • Cloud Integration
    • Document Cloud offers a secure storage service for your official documents
    • Collaborate with authorized users
    • Share documents
    • Easily control and track document versions
    • Enterprise-grade security
  • Electronic Signature
    • eSign documents in seconds on the cloud or from your local device memory
    • Send documents to others online using notifications and secure links
    • Track signing progress and get your signature workflow loops closed quickly
    • Ready-to-use and customizable templates to save time

Feature Overview

  • PDF Editing
    • Edit any content in a PDF using simple but powerful tools
    • Add/remove content without affecting the overall layout
    • Editing includes images, text, objects, links, watermarks, headers/footers, etc.
    • New ‘mode’ feature to switch between reading and editing mode
  • Create PDF and Convert PDF
    • Generate a PDF from over 300 types of file formats
    • Convert PDFs into MS Office formats, images, HTML, ePUB, etc.
    • Accurate conversion engine – maintains content integrity (attributes, layouts, etc.)
    • Fast file conversion
  • Read and Annotate
    • Switch to reading mode to review and insert comments on the file
    • A wide range of tools for annotations and markups
    • Well-organized comments menu
  • PDF Security
    • File encryption
    • Prevent copying, printing, and editing
    • Redact sensitive content
    • Apply watermarks for copyright protection
  • File Size Optimization
    • Reduce file sizes of PDFs to make them easier to share via email and other channels
    • Flatten PDFs to see what will get printed to hard copy
  • File and Page Management
    • Merge (Combine) or Split PDFs
    • Manipulate pages by reordering, removing, adding, rotating, cropping, etc.
  • Text Recognition
    • Advanced OCR with support for over 20+ languages
    • High accuracy
    • Fast processing
    • Convert to editable or searchable format
  • Forms
    • Fill and sign forms
    • Create interactive forms
    • Convert non-editable to interactive
    • Form field recognition
    • Extract form-field data
  • Batch Process
    • Multiple options for batch processing files
    • Fast processing with high accuracy
    • Saves time and increases productivity

The new PDFelement 8 was launched during the Black Friday weekend. It is now available at a special price for the rest of 2020. It’s easy to deploy enterprise-wide and affordable enough for smaller companies to get for their distributed teams.

G Suite by Google

G Suite is essentially the business version of Google Drive. With a host of applications, all served via the cloud, it is one of the most popular collaborative tools for companies to enhance the productivity of their employees in a short amount of time. The tools are easy to deploy and manage. Adding or removing users and assigning permissions is simple with the admin dashboard, and employees don’t need to download any additional applications. The entire platform resides in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere in a secure manner. G Suite tools can also be customized for your business to add branding and other unique elements.

Key Features

  • Global access to documents and other files
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Familiar products like Gmail, Sheets, Docs, etc.
  • Highly collaborative and real-time in nature
  • Simple pay-as-you-go per-seat licensing model

Office 365

Even more popular than G Suite is Office 365, officially one of the top Software as a Service (SaaS) products in the world. The biggest benefit is access to ubiquitous tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, etc. that you can also install locally using your Office 365 account and continue working offline until you reconnect to the Internet. It’s easy to deploy across large organizations and is priced very competitively. The range of available tools is impressive, and this suite of applications contains everything that a business needs to execute its workflows in a seamless manner. The Teams app integration brings in better collaboration and enhanced remote communication on a unified platform that is available to all users – desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.

Key Features

  • Access to popular Windows tools both online and offline
  • Secure environment to collaborate with colleagues
  • Easy subscription and competitive pricing for per-seat licenses
  • Simple to deploy and manage
  • Vast array of productivity tools


Slack is a very important chat messaging application for teams. Over the years, it has evolved into a robust ecosystem of app integrations that make it ideal to manage large teams across multiple locations. Although it is basically a chat application, the apps you integrate make all the difference. From Jira to Drive to a number of cloud-based apps, everything can be accessed from your Slack interface once you have it set up. As such, it helps geographically separated team members maintain the same level of communication that they would have by working together in a physical office. In addition, all communication is saved and logged for future reference.

Key Features

  • Multi-platform support – desktop and mobile
  • Searchable history
  • Dedicated channels for private and external access
  • Messaging, video, and voice calls over the Internet
  • Task automation
  • File sharing


Zoom became extremely popular when the pandemic initially hit. Since then, it has grown to serve millions of users across the world. Many companies today rely on zoom for their videoconferencing capabilities, for both internal meetings and conferences as well as external communication with other stakeholders like their customers, vendors, suppliers, and partners. Zoom is easy to install, secure, and offers a slew of features like file-sharing and screen-sharing. It is available for all major OS platforms so anyone with a Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device can install the client app and use it to connect with others through the cloud.

Key Features

  • Calendar integration
  • Virtual background
  • Waiting room
  • Multi-screen-share – two or more people can share their screens at a time
  • Personal meeting room ID
  • Touch-up feature to make your appearance more professional


Zapier is a connector of apps that helps you automate tasks and facilitate communication between two very different apps. The way it works is that an action in one application will act as a trigger for a different action in another application. For example, if you want your blog articles posted automatically to Facebook, it takes less than a minute to set it up. Each time you hit the Publish button on a blog piece, Zapier will automatically communicate with Facebook to create a new post. The parameters for these triggers and the information exchanged between the two apps are flexible and customizable, making this one of the best task automation tools in the industry.

Key Features

  • Over 2000 apps can be interconnected to each other
  • Easy-to-build workflows
  • New app integrations added weekly


For any company that needs an online design tool for creating websites or application interfaces, Figma is an unparalleled platform. Essentially a UI/UX design and prototyping utility, it helps design teams collaborate across multiple locations and work on projects together in a seamless manner. Whether you’re creating mockups for landing pages or prototyping a new application for your field sales team, Figma can help you put it together quickly and efficiently. The app can be accessed through any modern browser on a connected device, giving you the freedom to get the job done no matter where you work from. A great alternative to Figma is Wondershare Mockitt, which comes with its own rich asset library, a vast collection of UI kits and design systems, an easy developer handoff function, and a full suite of tools for collaboration.

Key Features

  • Easy to integrate third-party asset libraries to build a robust collection of UI components
  • Large community of users offering free and premium UI kits, design systems, and device-based design components
  • Simple mockup process and fast prototyping
  • Output in an image format to share designs with others
  • Efficient tools for collaboration

Nearly every company operating in any niche can benefit from these tools. In a work-from-home scenario, they provide the unification factor that closes the physical distance between employees and allows them to work together side-by-side in a virtual environment. These tools can tremendously enhance the productivity of any team overnight and keep them performing at high levels of efficiency and throughput. Try them today and take your business to the next level.