Being Married Makes You a Better Entrepreneur


There is a common saying that being married makes you a better person, but there is also evidence to show that it makes you a better entrepreneur too. Being in a stable, healthy relationship gives you the foundation to build your business up, although it is important that you do not neglect your relationship while you are doing so.

People who are in a happy marriage are happier in life overall and therefore usually more motivated when they are working. Studies show that married people earn more money than single people, so getting married is clearly a good career move!

There are many additional reasons why being married makes you a better entrepreneur, such as:


Having the support of your spouse is very beneficial when you are running a business. You might need someone to discuss any worries with, bounce ideas off or get some encouragement from if you feel a dip in motivation. Having emotional support can be crucial in helping you to stay focused on work and your partner can support you in other ways such as with domestic activities while you are getting set up, or when you are particularly busy. Knowing you are part of a team and that it is not just you against the world, will help you to push through the more challenging times.

Stress reduction

Launching a business can be a very stressful process, with a lot of new challenges and adjusting to the demands of running a successful business can put a huge mental strain on you. Being able to talk to your spouse about your problems can help you to keep stress levels down, which will then give you better focus on your business.

Added motivation

If you are financially supporting your spouse and/or children, you will usually have that added motivation of knowing that all the work that you are putting in is for them. You know that the more success you can make of the business, the better lifestyle and future you can provide for your family. The added motivation will help you to stay on track and put in even more efforts to be successful.

Better decision making

If you have selected a partner who makes you happy and shares the same values and wants the same things from life, you are already clearly very good at decision making. Married lifestyle is generally a lot more stable than living the single life, choosing family time over nights out and family holidays instead of partying style holidays. So, married people are generally more grounded and do not live a lifestyle that can be detrimental to their ability to set up and run a successful business.

While it is obvious that there are many great benefits of being married, one dependency of this is that you are in a happy marriage. If you are in a marriage where you are arguing, where you receive no support and the marriage adds to your stress levels, then being married could actually make you a worse entrepreneur. 

If you find yourself in this situation and are considering divorce, it could help to boost your business in the long run but the divorce proceedings can be very distracting and stressful, which is why many couples try to work through their problems first. 

Attending marriage counselling or trying a trial separation could be a better option before you make the big decision to petition for divorce. As an entrepreneur, you should also reflect on whether your commitment to work has affected your marriage and if that is something you need to compromise on. 

About Mohit Tater

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