Is Machine Learning Changing the Future of SEO? Yes! Here’s How

For years, Google’s algorithm updates have dominated the SEO industry. Every time you’ve got accustomed with an algorithm, a new update rolled out, forcing you to audit your website and rethink your strategy. But, recently a new player has entered the game, and it promises to change the SEO world. Its name? Machine learning. What […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Online

Even if you have a brick and mortar storefront for your business, you still need to spend a lot of your efforts growing your business online. Many Americans start their search for goods and services on Google, and you don’t want to risk losing business because you haven’t focused any efforts on that medium. Even […]

The Age Of Data: 4 Ways To Use Analytics To Make Better Marketing Decisions

Most businesses collect a lot of data — you can track everything from email and social media engagement to website and video metrics. However, that does not mean that all that data is being put to good use. It doesn’t make sense to track the data if you’re not going to look at it. Here […]

9 Tips on How to Launch a Successful Startup in 2016

Do you know how many US adults become entrepreneurs only in the last year? The Kauffman index shows that: Over half a million adults (0.31% of the adult population in America) started a new business in 2015. If this is the statistics of one country, imagine the number of young entrepreneurs around the globe. This […]