Mohit Tater

Mohit is the co-founder and editor of Entrepreneurship Life, a place where entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners can find wide ranging information, advice, resources, and tools for starting, running, and growing their businesses.

8 Important Things About Entrepreneurship

Opening and operating a company is not an easy task. Any person who tells you the contrary is either trying to lie to you or has never undergone the process before. As an entrepreneur, you will find yourself being constantly assaulted with new challenges each day, having to make great sacrifices, and having to spend […]

How Small Business Owners Contribute to Their Local Economy

Small businesses are really important for local communities to thrive. Small businesses work with the local population so it is a give and take for the economy. They earn from the local masses and also bring employment opportunities for them. Most small businesses arise with a solution to the problems in their community, like 24Cash […]

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Financial Planning

Whether it’s financial planning for your business or your personal finances, it’s always a good idea to get professional help. This is especially true if you aren’t up to date with the latest happenings in the financial world. We aren’t expected to know everything about everything – some things are best left to the professionals. […]

7 Things to Pay Attention to While You Are Building Your Business Website

In today’s digital world it is essential for every business to establish an online presence and the best way to do it is by creating your own business website. No matter how big or small your business is, you need to create a website that looks professional and reflects your brand strategy. A good website […]

Common Workplace Problems & Solutions

It is unrealistic to expect to have a workplace without ever having any kind of issues. Bringing together a large group of people and placing important responsibilities on them in a stressful and demanding environment will inevitably breed issues at one point or another, and this is not a sign of a badly run company. […]