Mohit Tater

Mohit is the co-founder and editor of Entrepreneurship Life, a place where entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners can find wide ranging information, advice, resources, and tools for starting, running, and growing their businesses.

Compelling Reasons to Why Freelance Lawyers Make Sense

Source: The legal industry is evolving, and so is the paradigm of what it takes for a law firm to achieve a competitive edge. For many attorneys, looking beyond the traditional law firm model is what makes sense at the moment. The desire to move away from the industry norms has ushered in a […]

High-Risk Work Environments That Demand Heightened Health And Safety

For most employees who live out their workdays within office space’s comfort, safety is not usually a prioritized concern. The confides of office spaces are significantly safe, granted employers meet general health and safety requirements. However, there are specific industries in which employees are exposed to notable danger daily.  Hig-risk work environments are required by […]

7 Ways to Give to Charities in 2021

The pandemic has been hard on so many of us and for charities that has meant a reduction in donations at the very time that their services are most needed. From a personal point of view, charity giving means that you are helping people less fortunate than yourself and that you are supporting a cause […]

Enrich the Look of your Package in a few simple steps

When you send a product to a customer or a business gift you want to leave a good impression. To do this, you need to know what is possible. You can send your package professionally in just a few simple steps. We would like to give you a few tips that you can easily apply […]

What Is a Lifestyle Business–and Why Should You Start One?

Starting a lifestyle business is the perfect solution for earning an income while indulging your passions. Too many businesses fail because people don’t enjoy what they do for a living. When times are tough, they may lack the drive to make the venture a success because deep down, they would prefer to do something else. […]