Developing Your Brand’s Voice

Whether you realize it or not, your company already has a voice. Your newsletter, your blog, your emails and indeed your ecommerce site itself have already informed the public about the way you view yourself. It’s wholly evident in the tone of your communications and the writing style you employ. If shoppers are responding positively, […]

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss. But you have to make sure you have enough knowledge in handling your own business – from creating a plan to executing it, as well as the risks and opportunities that might come along the way. You can study successful business strategies by […]

Effective Techniques: How to Motivate Staff

Before selecting suitable techniques, managers should be aware of the impact staff motivation has on the company. Employees who are highly motivated, work hard and participate towards high productivity rates in the company. Employees who lack motivation are more liable to make mistakes and can affect the quality of the company’s output. This is why […]