My Favorite Chrome Add-ons and Extensions For Bloggers and Businesses

I pretty much use my own personal laptop for everything–blogging, freelancing, and work, since I now work in a co-working space so I bring my own laptop.  Therefore, having a browser that makes for super easy Internet surfing, blog and news source reading and social media sharing is ideal, which is why I love the […]

Entrepreneurial Writers: 6 WordPress Features You Should Know About

Here’s some of the top interesting things I’ve discovered from taking WordPress classes and messing around with it for the past few months!   1. Text Mode Text mode can be helpful if your used to writing code and adding links. But even if you aren’t, it can still be helpful. Does the text look […]

Entrepreneurial Writers: Keeping Motivated During the Holidays

There’s something about the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas that makes me just not want to do any blogging or website work. Between my job and all the crazy holiday activities, I have to admit, I don’t have much motivation to keep my online magazine/blog running over the next few weeks (not to mention, […]

Things to Be Thankful for as a Blogger and a Freelancer

With holiday season in full swing now, I’ve decided to take a look back at all the wonderful things that do exist for bloggers and freelancers as well as some of the perks of the job(s). Here’s what I’m thankful for as a writer, a blogger, and a freelancer: WordPress: If you haven’t realized by now, […]

Staying Fit While Working From Home

Nearly everywhere I look in the fitness blogging community, I see posts about how to stay fit while working a 9-5 job, including a recent trend in articles entitled “Sitting is the New Smoking”–which detail how spending hours sitting a day is terrible for your health–even if your otherwise an active person. And those are great–certainly, […]