You Might Be An Entrepreneur If…

While you might be thinking that you have the perfect product, business, or pitch don’t quit your day job just yet. Going your own way and truly being self-employed takes a lot more than a good idea, it requires execution. There are a lot of people who have ideas, but there are very few people […]

4 Books That Will Excite Your Inner Entrepreneur

Starting something new can be difficult and dangerous. That’s especially true when referring to a new business. Whether you’re bootstrapping your first venture, or funding your startup with venture capital, the going is guaranteed to be tough. Entrepreneurship is an emotional rollercoaster ride complete with highs and lows that can result in money, madness, or […]

Why Being an Underdog Entrepreneur is a Plus

We’ve all heard the tale of David versus Goliath. The story, as it has been told for nearly 3,000 years recounts the improbable victory of David, the shepherd boy, over the giant Goliath. The Original Underdog In case you’re not familiar, this confrontation, which may or may not have occurred sometime in the late 10th […]

Your Desk Job is Killing You

Fast food is bad for you. So is too much sugar, smoking cigarettes, and sucking down soda. But, you pretty much knew that already. Individually and collectively each of those things has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. That said, there is another bad habit most of us have that could lead […]

How To Write a To-Do List That Actually Works

Have you ever had so much to do that you didn’t even know where to start? I know I have. That feeling is crippling. You just sit and think about all of the work you have before you, all of the deadlines looming. Something has to get done, but what? How about making a list? […]