The Best Mobile Computing Options for Entrepreneurs

I just gave in after months of debate and picked up a new tablet to get work done on the road, in the air, at the coffee shop, or wherever else I decide to work. As business becomes less location dependent and you can work from anywhere, it may be a smart idea to find […]

Lessons Learned from a Halloween Party

One of my many business adventures is a partnership with two friends, Denver Underground Parties. We hosted our second major event this weekend and there were many lessons learned. Here are a few that apply to almost any business.   Pre-Plan Everything, Then Plan for What You Missed We worked very hard to make sure […]

How to Use Evernote for Your Business

I love Evernote! It has become a core tool in all of my business planning, tracking, note taking, and organization. Here are some reasons Evernote is awesome and why you should use it. Plus, it is 100% free for most users.   Install on All Your Devices The first thing to do when you sign […]

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Amazing Service

Last year, a customer signed a contract to one of my companies for a service that was cancelled last minute. When he cancelled, he offered to pay the entire contract amount, but I let him off with just the deposit. Why? Because that’s good service.   Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated The […]

How To Setup a Professional Email Address with Gmail and Your .com Address

When you run a business, putting your most professional image forward is very important for building relationships and improving your reputation. If you already own a .com, .org, or, .net website address, you can do everything below for free.   Before You Get Started CPanel is the most popular web hosting management interface available, so […]