Analysis of the Casinobonusca iGaming Startup Business


Casinobonusca is a tech startup launched back in 2017, aiming to solve a crucial problem in the iGaming sector – to help Canadian consumers make more informed gambling decisions. The owners of the business created a casino aggregator and gathered a team of casino experts that make in-depth reviews of online gaming platforms and research advanced winning strategies for games like blackjack, poker and baccarat.

The Casinobonusca business model

The business model of Casinobonusca revolves around affiliate marketing. For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, here’s a quick definition:

Casino affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which an online gaming platform pays a commission to an external site for the clients that are generated through its referrals.

Essentially, the process starts with the affiliate team, which has to negotiate deals with casino operators carefully. Once they’ve settled upon an agreement, the affiliates create a short brief containing the crucial information about the platform.

Next, the brief is sent to the content team, formed solely from gambling experts with years of experience. The content team’s goal is to analyze and test every aspect of the casino platform and deliver a thorough and honest review.

We’ve read some of their reviews and we immediately understood why Casinobonusca stands out from ]the crowd of online casino aggregators – transparency and honesty. For example, if a platform has security issues or slow payouts, it will be mentioned in the review.

These are rare traits in affiliate marketing businesses, since most affiliates are focusing solely on converting users, despite of the quality of the product they’re promoting. Instead, Casinobonusca wants to help players find the most suitable gaming platform. This way, the users know what to expect when joining a new casino website and how to deal with any issues during their gaming journey.

After the review is complete, the SEO team will optimize the content and publish it on the website. This last step is crucial for the business, since the exposure the reviews get in the search engine depends on how well the on-page and off-page optimizations are made.

Now that the review is published, it’s a matter of time until Google indexes it and displays it on specific queries of players looking for a professional overview of a gambling platform. Suppose the person looking for reviews online clicks on the search engine result and creates an account on the casino site via Casinobonusca. In that case, the company will receive a commission.

In a nutshell, this is how the bonus aggregator business works, but there are more factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as relevancy of the content, authority score and so on.

How Casinobonusca became a reputable source for gambling information

The Internet is a highly competitive environment, and new businesses are emerging every day. With so many competitors trying to establish themselves as an authority in the industry, how did Casinobonusca manage to maintain their reputation?

The short answer to the question is simple – they only publish high-quality content that helps the user get a better gambling experience.

Their team of experts is continuously analyzing trends, allowing them to deliver the most up-to-date content, which is purely based on their experience and not oriented around tricking players into joining a platform that is not trustworthy.

On top of that, the site’s blog section contains valuable gambling strategies that were tested and mathematically proven by iGaming professionals. The quality of their content helps them rank better in the search engine and attracts mentions from other experts in the field, improving the site’s trust score.

During our analysis of Casinobonusca, we realized that even though more publishers are contributing to the content (each having an individual style of writing), the articles and reviews are consistent and revolve around the same idea – actionable advice that the reader can use to enhance his experience with online gambling.

The site offers a wide range of content, ranging from casino reviews and bonus codes to advanced statistics and mathematically proven betting systems. However, the simple writing style makes it possible even for a complete beginner to understand the message and apply the knowledge in their gambling journey.

Are the Casinobonusca reviews legit?

One of the primary concerns of experienced gamblers who read casino reviews is that the aggregator might be biased by the deal made with the operator. Since there are thousands of online gambling

platforms out there, it’s evident that some of them are willing to pay the affiliate more to receive more exposure on their site. Similarly, other operators are satisfied with lower traffic, as long as they can spend less on conversions.

That’s how the business works!

Throughout our review of Casinobonusca, we tried to identify if their recommendations are biased by the size of the deal. We read dozens of casino platform reviews and we didn’t notice any attempt at putting the wrong platform in the spotlight.

The site values their readers and only publish honest reviews that are actually helpful. Even the reviews of large operators like 888casino mention the bad aspects of the platform. In comparison, other bonus aggregators would never throw any shade at big casino owners, hoping to trick readers into thinking that the platform is perfect and there’s no reason to worry.

Instead, Casinobonusca has the spotlight on the reader, and all content is meant to be used as a reference in their future gambling experiences. The secret recipe for success of the business is their focus on delivering value to their visitors, while also helping them improve their skills and get better results.

Now, you might be wondering – won’t being honest kill the conversion rate?

No. The truth is that this approach will increase the level of trustworthiness in the long-term. We agree that other aggregators might get the conversion easier by deceiving their readers. Still, the users will never return to the platform again to look for additional information, as they lost their trust in that particular site. Instead, Casinobonusca makes honest reviews and actually test the platform before writing about it, which make their visitors return to the site to get more information.

The website’s look and feel

Now that we’ve explained what Casinobonusca does, there’s one more crucial aspect that we need to consider – the site’s user interface and user experience.

The desktop version of the site might look outdated at first. Still, after a closer inspection, we’ve realized that the website has a high-quality user experience. The first thing we noticed is that the home page has an in-depth guide that explains how to use their product to get the most out of your visit.

Next, the site displays a list of casino bonuses, which are selected based on specific criteria, such as date added, value of the bonus and how easy it is to withdraw your winnings. The simple design allows users to easily navigate the website and claim the bonus with just a few clicks.

Here are the main features that we enjoyed during our review of Casinobonusca:

  • Refined search system;
  • Advanced filtering (New casino, Latest added, No deposit, No wagering, Cashback);
  • Sidebar navigation to important pages (payment options, software providers, and game types);
  • Easy access to blog posts and the tactics section;
  • Detailed bonus description with one-click-claim button.

Overall, the website’s user interface is highly intuitive and even first-time visitors can easily filter and claim a suitable promotion, only after getting a brief overview of the promotion’s requirements. Casinobonusca invested many resources into optimizing their website while keeping the design as simple as possible.

This way, even visitors who have less experience with technology will seamlessly navigate the site and get the information they need. On top of that, studies show that an over-complicated site design will kill conversions, since the trustworthiness of the site will be lowered in the eyes of the average user.

Mobile version

One of the trends that the owners of Casinobonusca understood well is responsive design(a.k.a. mobile-first design). Based on recent statistics, mobile traffic accounts for over 55% of all internet searches. Thus, not having a mobile-friendly site would mean massive losses for the company.


The Casinobonusca mobile version is optimized for all types of screen sizes, and it is simplified to a point where they only display relevant content, maximizing their conversion rate. Additionally, the load time is below 1 second, which offers visitors instant access to the site. The bonus claiming process takes below 1 minute if you know what you’re looking for.

Traffic analysis and keywords

traffic overview

In the world of internet-based businesses, traffic and keywords are the most crucial data points that determine a company’s success. According to Neil Patel free SEO analysis tool Ubersuggest, Casinobonusca has a monthly traffic of nearly 75,000, all coming directly from the search engine.

What’s even more impressive is that the site is geotargeted in Canada, which means that all the visitors are Canadian gamblers looking for a new online casino. We’ve compared the traffic data to other competitors and we’ve identified that even those that are not geotargeted(meaning that they can show up in searches from any country) get less visitors.

On top of that, the site ranks for over 17,000 keywords in the search engine, including “premium” ones like “no deposit bonus codes” or “free spins.” The site is displayed in the top 10 results for searches on difficult keywords.

This achievement is possible thanks to the 186,000+ backlinks (hyperlinks incoming from other websites to their domain) and the on-page SEO efforts.

But how much money do they make?

The financial information of the site is not publicly disclosed anywhere on the Internet. For demonstration purposes, let’s assume that the conversion rate of Casinobonusca is 1%, and the average commission they receive is C$200.  That would mean that, on average, they would make 750 conversions monthly, which would bring them C$150,000 monthly revenue.

Our verdict

Casinobonusca is one of the leading Canadian casino bonus aggregators that has been established as a leading authority in the iGaming field. From a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly identify the information they’re looking for to high-quality, unbiased casino reviews, there is no wonder why nearly 75,000 Canadians consider it their go-to platform for gambling-related content.

Pros: The site has a thorough database containing reviews of most Canadian gaming platforms, as well as in-depth guides for table games like poker or blackjack. All the information is written in an easy-to-understand style. Their team gambling experts offer transparent reviews for all the casinos, no matter how big the operator is. Also, the mobile version of the site allows users to easily access their favorite platforms on the go and claim special bonuses, which are only available on mobile.

Cons: The site’s graphic design looks outdated, and sometimes the search feature will display random results that aren’t entirely useful. Another downside is that the site is geotargeted in Canada, meaning that only those who live in that area will be able to claim the promotions listed on the site. On top of that, users that have smaller mobile devices might have to scroll a few times to read the bonus details, which could affect their user experience.

All in all, Casinobonusca is a well-rounded iGaming tech startup that offers their users honest and actionable information and protects them from scams and gambling addiction. We hope that in the future they will implement a visual update of the site, which will surely help them outperform the competition even further.