9 Beautiful Gifts You Can Make Yourself

The holidays are right around the corner. Do you want your gifts to stand out? I know I do! There’s no way I want to give a family member or a friend something they have probably already ordered on Amazon Prime. 

There are so many options in making your own gifts that are heartfelt and raw, gifts that will touch their heart and they will carry wherever they go. 

It isn’t all about money, especially over the holidays. It’s about the effort and the thought into what it is you’re choosing to give and make. 

I love arts and crafts, so below you will find the top 9 ideas for do it yourself projects as holiday gifts. 

Top 9 DIY presents

Handmade thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday cards

Are you artsy? Do you take beautiful pictures? Are you witty with your comments? If you answered yes to any of these questions this is a great idea for a gift for a family member or friend. 

You can use a website like shutter fly to create stationary with your own work. I can’t even name all the times I have had to go to the store just to pick up a card for someone’s birthday I have forgotten.

 It would be nice to have a stash always at hand. A collection of 10 to 15 unique cards is a wonderful and heartfelt gift. 

Friendship bracelets

Beaded bracelets are super in style. The kinds of bracelets with stones like rose quartz, amethyst, tigers’ eye, etc. You can buy these from local shops, but it is honestly more fun to make them on your own, and less expensive. 

You can make yourself one and then give one to your friend or make your friend and his or her significant other a matching one.

I like to use the same bead for one bracelet, for example all tigers’ eyes and then one bead of rose quartz, and then the other all rose quartz and one bead of tigers’ eye. 

Like they have each other’s missing pieces. This can work for a platonic or romantic relationship. It is super cute and distinctive. 

Homemade treats

Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Make a batch of cookies and dessert bars for your friends with a sweet tooth. Get out your Kitchen-aid mixer and start mixing away. 

Try and recreate your friends favorite, but a go to staple for me is peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and banana bars. 

Put them on an artsy wooden platter, this can be handmade too, and wrap it up with a pretty bow for whichever colors suit the holiday season. 

Knit or crochet an item

Get out your needles and yarn! Nothing is comfier than a handmade giant blanket by the fireplace cuddled up next to your lover. This gift is even more perfect if you make it. 

A blanket can take a long time to knit or crochet, but you could also knit a pair of socks or even a beanie for your friend. Everyone loves a comfy beanie or scarf during the snowy season. 

Use their favorite color scheme for the yarn and get to crafting. 

Essential oil blends

Essential oils are so healing to the mind, body, and soul. If your friend is into them this is an especially thoughtful gift. Combine your favorite smells and make a little healing potion. 

You can order little perfume rollers and make your own blend with oils like peppermint and lavender and then add in a carrier oil like grape-seed or re-fractionated coconut oil. 

They are like perfume but carry a long-lasting mental effect too. 

Make pottery

Everybody needs a set of dishes, cups, bowls, etc. This is a great handmade gift for someone who just moved into a new home or just moved out of their parents’ place. 

It is realistic and one of a kind. Giving a set is more work but it is also ideal so that they can use them at dinner parties and host little parties with your pottery showcasing. 

Recreate their favorite painting 

If you like to draw or paint or color… This is a heart melting gift. Does your friend constantly talk about a piece made by Picasso or any other artist?

 If so, recreate one of his pieces. If you can’t get the original the second best is not a copy…. instead it is a remake made by the one and only, you! 

Make ornaments

You have a favorite photo with your favorite person? Turn that picture into a Christmas ornament by inserting it into a little photo frame. Take a hot glue gun and glue string to the top so it can hang on a tree. Maybe add some red and green beads or glitter to make it beautiful.

This can also be made online with the help of Shutterfly or similar sites. The same tree decorations get boring after years and years of use, add a little spruce to their holiday celebration. 

Send a homemade bath bomb or salt scrub

Nothing nicer than smelling like cleanliness. Choose your friends’ favorite scent. Vanilla is a popular one if you don’t want to give them any hints that you are making them handmade bath items. 

Bath bombs are an essential for millennials these days because baths are good for mental health. Watch the bubbles and breathe. Your friend will love it. 

If you also choose to give him or her a salt scrub, make a matching scent and place in a fun shaped glass jar. 

There are an endless number of things to make for your friends or family over the holidays as gifts that are more warming to the soul. One-of-a-kind presents are the most spectacular and will never go out of style. 

I have made all these gifts before and still have the same precious friends by my side. They have given me DIY gifts as well, ranging from handmade paintings for a new home on my bedroom wall, to handmade scented candles. 

Enjoy the holidays with arts and crafts surrounding you. Be in the spirit of giving and watch your abundance flow freely to and from all the people that surround you.