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Bingo letters.

But what about the 888 networks? Is it just as good, if not better than some other networks out there? Well, let me tell ya! This particular site has been around since 1997 and was started by Globalcom who also owned Cassava before they were bought over in 2007 to form one big happy family under 888 bingo sites.

Bingo sites may seem to be more similar than different, but this is because there are many networks and providers who supply services for them.

888 Holdings Software and Games

888 Holdings is one of the largest online bingo software providers on the market, who own all 888 bingo sites. Not only does it offer a high-quality visual experience, but also adds some extra benefits in features its sites provide such as large cash pre-purchase jackpot games that happen at least once per week where players can purchase tickets into big prize drawings!

It’s a great feeling when you win the big prize at bingo! But what about those nights where nothing happens? We’ve all been there before and it can be pretty frustrating. Luckily, 888 bingo sites have introduced 24-hour free games so that no matter how late our evening gets we will always find ourselves with some time to kill the time. They’re also introducing “free” days/weeks…so don’t forget your cardigan because June 1st just became inexplicably more interesting than May 31st did previously.


The 888 Bingo site doesn’t offer the greatest variety of games. You can only play with 75 ball or 90-ball matches, so if you prefer other types please look elsewhere!

Maybe this is a good thing though. I mean, come on – who wants to think about their finances when they are trying not spend too much money?

I know what you’re thinking: “How can I possibly resist?” But hold your horses! Before buying that ticket just yet – let me tell ya something else about 888 bingo site tickets… without the warning message of how much YOU might be spending!

Например, в Dinky Bingo такие условия: 100% Up To £5 (Bingo Bonus) & 25 Free Spins New Players Only. Ages 18+.

£5 minimum deposit All Free Spins are credited on Starburst Free Spins are credited automatically across 5 days (5x per day) Free Spins winnings have no win-cap Promo Code: FREE25 Valid until 31.12.2022.

But already in Bounce Bingo, the minimum deposit is already three times higher than in Dinky Bingo and is equal to 15 pounds, so do not forget to carefully study all the conditions on 888 Bingo sites!

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