7 Ways to Have Fun at Work and Spice up Office Life

No one likes a boring office life. If you’re looking to liven up your workplace check out these great ways to have fun at work.

Did you know that employees who are happier at work take 10 times less sick days than employees who are unhappy while at work? This is a huge difference and can be accomplished just by making your office life a more enjoyable place to be. 

You might be asking yourself how can you have fun at work but still get the job done? 

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Well, there are actually so many great ways that you and your employees can liven up your workplace while still being productive and getting work done. 

Keep reading for our guide on seven ways to have fun at work and spice up your office life. 

1. Start a Middle of the Week Tradition

Most people wait until Friday to have fun in the workplace, but what about the rest of the week? A great way to make sure that you’re still having some office fun in the middle of the week is to start a tradition. 

Wednesday is normally referred to as hump day because we’re just getting over the hump of the week and can practically see the weekend. What better way to get over that hump than to bring in donuts, bagels, or any other treat that your team members might enjoy? 

Bringing in a treat in the morning is a fun way to interact with everyone and start the day off right. It’s great to do this in the middle of the week because you can get everyone motivated to finish their week out strong. 

2. Have Lunch Together

When learning how to make work fun one of the best things that you can do is to have lunch with your coworkers. It’s a great way to get to know each other which can lead to having more fun when you’re in the office. 

You should try to make it a point not to talk about work during lunch but that can’t always be avoided. 

Do your best to get to know each other outside of your jobs. What are your coworker’s interests when they leave work? Do they have children or a significant other? What about any pets? 

Most of all, you should laugh and joke with each other! Lunchtime should be a time of relaxation and not a time to think about the stack of papers on your desk. 

3. Incorporate Memes

Who doesn’t love to laugh at a good meme on the internet? We can find numerous ways to fit memes into our work-life and so should you and your team. 

Whether it’s in emails exchanged with coworkers, hanging memes up in the breakroom, or even incorporating memes into your sales pitches.

Funny sales memes are all the rage! They’ll have you laughing, crying, but mostly crying from all the laughing you and your team will be doing.

These memes are awesome to put at the end of a boring meeting to lightening up the mood and get everyone motivated to work again. 

4. Change Your Meeting Location

If you always have the same boring meeting in the same old conference room, then why not try changing it up once in a while? If the weather is nice, then take the meeting outdoors. 

Look for a nice area around your office building that you could have the meeting at but still be productive. If there’s an area with seats for everyone in a quiet location, then this could be perfect for a meeting. 

You don’t always need to look for a new location for a meeting, but having a spur of the moment meeting change will be fun for your employees. It will almost be like a little adventure for them to see where they will end up. 

5. Plan an After Work Outing

Another way for you to have fun at work is by planning an after-work outing. Designate one or two people to get together outside of work and arrange the plans for everyone. Whether you’re going to go to bars, go bowling, see a movie, or just head out for some dinner you can all have fun outside of work together. 

Going out after work will help you and your team get to know everyone much better. Once you get to know everyone that you work with better, then you’ll find that coming to work is tons more fun. 

You will also find that work is more fun when you have plans to look forward to. 

6. Casual Fridays Can Be Themed

We all love wearing jeans and sneakers on Fridays but why not take it a step further and choose a theme for your team to wear? You can start off simple and tell everyone the theme is a certain color like its pink day.

Other simple themes could be a hat day, sports day, or even crazy hair day. 

Once everyone gets the hang of theme Fridays, then you can take it a step further and do costume themes. You can do twin day, pirate day, favorite movie character day, decades day, nerd day, pajama day, or any other theme day you can think of. 

The possibilities for theme Fridays are endless. You and your coworkers will have tons of fun coming up with costumes to impress each other. Everyone looks forward to Fridays but this is an even better reason to get excited for a Friday!

7. Volunteer Together

Another great way to have fun at work is by volunteering with your team members. There are plenty of ways that you can volunteer together in your community whether it’s planting flowers, working with a food bank, doing a charity walk, or any other volunteer opportunities that you can think of. 

The best part is that you’ll be working together and having fun along the way. 

On the other hand, there are also plenty of volunteer opportunities that won’t affect your workday. You can bring in canned food before work to help out the food bank or raise money outside of work and cheer each other on. 

Working together throughout the workday to help out your community can be fun, and it is important to give back. 

How to Have Fun at Work

When you’re trying to have fun at work there are tons of things that you and your employees can do to liven up the workplace. It is important to have fun at work because you do spend the majority of your day there so you should be happy. 

There’s always time for fun and time for work! Take the time to spice up your office life with your teammates.

If you’re looking for more business advice, then make sure to bookmark our blog as we’re always posting tips and tricks to help you out. 

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