5 Small Business Video Ideas That Can Have a Large Impact

You’ve heard the phrase “content is king,” right? Well, the type of content you create could make all the difference!

Video content will account for over 80% of all internet web traffic by 2020. If your company isn’t producing videos yet, you’re falling behind the curve.

Here are five small business video ideas to help you get started. With these video formats, you can engage your audience and boost your brand! Then, you can start rolling in conversions and improving your ROI.

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Get rolling with these five small business video production ideas!

1. Customer Testimonials

Are you having a difficult time building brand trust with new customers? Let your previous customers speak on your behalf! Customer testimonials are a great way to improve your company’s credibility.

Let your happy customers discuss the benefits of choosing your brand. They might tell a story about how helpful your customer experience team was when solving a problem. Maybe they want to gush about your products or services.

Either way, customer testimonials make for great small business video footage you can use to attract new clients!

2. Company Culture

What quality ensures your company stands apart from the competition? What’s your unique value proposition? Where did the idea for your company come from in the first place?

Consumers want to know more about the brands they’re buying from. A company story or company culture video can give them insight into your business.

Company culture videos are a chance for you to stand out and make a human connection. At the same time, you can give consumers a face and voice to associate with your business.

3. Product Demos

Adding a video to your product landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%. In fact, 90% of customers claim product videos help them make decisions while they shop.

Show off your products. Show customers how your product works and the benefits they can receive by choosing your business. Then, use Adobe Spark Video to create a strong intro.

Make sure your video looks professional and appeals to your audience.

4. Fun Teasers

Are you rolling out with a new product or service soon? Why not build anticipation by teasing your product.

Teaser videos are a great way to generate a buzz on social media. Whether you’re teasing a new product or a larger piece of content, teasers can get your audience excited. Then, create a second video with the big reveal!

5. Customer Onboarding

Once you convert a lead into a customer, what’s your next step? An onboarding business video is a great way to welcome a customer into your brand’s family. This is a chance to teach them more about the business and what your product offers.

With a strong onboarding video, you can help your customers start strong with your business. 

Make Your Mark: 5 Small Business Video Ideas for a Lasting Impact

Lights, camera, and action! With these five small business video ideas, you can take action and make your mark. Give your brand the boost it needs with these five small business videos today.

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