5 Digital Marketing Strategies you should Invest in

Marketing has gone digital – with all your potential customers being constantly online, investing in digital marketing is the only way to survive and thrive. However, digital marketing might sound a bit ambiguous and volatile to a novice. You can keep following the trends endlessly, or might become stagnant by repeating the same things, over and over again, turning the digital marketing initiatives redundant as a whole. If you are just getting started, all the different digital marketing activities seem overwhelming and confusing – what to act upon first, how to get it right, and most importantly, how much money to put where, and how to measure ROI.

Digital marketing

The elements of digital marketing best suitable to a business depends on the customer personas and specific business goals. However, here are 5 tried and tested digital marketing strategies you should invest in, irrespective of the stage you’re at –

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Marketing Automation

While the first three strategies form the pillars of digital marketing, the latter are necessary value addition tactics to your digital marketing plan. Read on to know more –

  • Content Marketing

Even before the advent of digital era, content was considered “king” and it still is. In fact, digital penetration has maximized the reach and considerably reduced the distribution cost, raising the ROI exponentially. No wonder, content marketing is considered an integral part of digital strategy.

With time, content has evolved into various forms and the way people access it has changed a few times over. Yet, it has remained relevant – it has facilitated almost every other marketing strategy, be it SEO or Social Media Marketing, or Email Marketing, or CRO. Logically so, the content marketing investments lead to compounding returns. Only limitation – if you decide to invest in content marketing, start early, and be consistent; the ROI might be hard to track in early stages.

Content marketing can provide value to your business at every step of the marketing funnel – from awareness to evaluation to purchase. It goes even beyond the sales point, to engage consumers in post-sales services, thus building brand loyalty and opening up a medium to reselling and upselling, making it the best long-term strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing

If content is the “king”, social media is the “queen” of digital marketing bouquet. People are always online, but they have lesser time than ever. Social media is an effective tool to deliver your content, to engage with consumers and to drive desired results, with the short attention span consumers have.

Again, social media marketing requires low investments, and can help you connect with consumers – tune in to their opinions, deliver faster services and drive targeted traffic. Most active social media channels are SEO-integrated, and help build you higher visibility and brand authority over time.

With easy-to-use insights and analytics tool – social media marketing has evolved into a matured customer relationship medium as well.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest tactic in digital marketing strategies. So much so, that it lays the foundation of internet, along with content marketing and social media marketing. Search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo) are most reliable and quickest way to find any information you may require (and even the information you don’t “necessarily” require – Let’s admit, you have searched cat videos at least once in your life.)

Whether your business is global or local, big or small – SEO is indisputably one of the best digital marketing strategies to invest in. The search algorithms are revised at regular intervals, which make SEO the best ground for a fair play. SEO might demand high investment in terms of cost and time, offering lower ROI initially; however you can start small and still reap benefits.

By implementing best SEO practices, you can create a steady stream of organic traffic, claim new opportunities, stay ahead of your competition and earn more money over the long haul.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can be considered to be a true love-child of digital marketing and user experience. As the awareness about effectiveness of digital marketing increases among business owners, the focus has shifted more towards the overall experience than individual elements of creation and distribution.

Essentially, CRO is a system of practices, implemented to turn the website traffic into sales, or to “convert” visitors into customers, or take a desired action on a webpage.

While content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO practices can drive traffic to the website, the consumer journey is still incomplete till they make a buying decision. A low conversion rate can be detected by high bounce rates, cart abandonments, high form fall-outs, and low engagement rates. To optimize the conversion rate, one needs to break down site navigation and conversion flow into logical, sequential subparts and make improvements through A/B testing to fix the flaws and deliver a seamless experience and guide visitors towards desired actions.

  • Marketing Automation

As you scale your digital marketing initiatives, it’s hard to keep track of a growing team and ensuring that best practices are being followed at every step of the process and the results you derive are optimal. That’s where marketing automation steps into the picture.

Marketing automation refers to using software to execute various digital marketing tasks (like social media publishing, email marketing, digital ads, etc.), while putting minimum to no manual efforts at all. Most of the marketing automation software available are equipped with advanced analytics and reporting tools. I recommended you to use EngageBay, one of the best marketing automation software; it has all the features that you need to automate your entire marketing, you don’t need to have a large human chain to run your marketing campaign, and you can effortlessly manage your campaign.

Using marketing automation saves time and effort, eliminates chances of human errors, aids the sales and CRM teams, enables personalization and makes your entire marketing efforts scalable and trackable. Together, these benefits increase the ROI and generate new business opportunities.

Investing into starting a digital marketing agency is no longer a choice for businesses today. But investing smartly with a tested strategy can give you more bang for your buck.

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