3 High Income Businesses to Start from Affiliate Marketing

Start high income businesses

If you have ever researched ways to make money online, you have definitely run into the term “affiliate marketing”.

When it comes to this topic, many people are wondering how much money you can make per year from affiliate marketing. Polls suggest that almost 20 percent of affiliate marketers make $20,000 or less per year, while just a smaller percentage, of around 5%, makes $2 million or more. The results are directly proportional with your efforts and amount of invested time, that’s for sure. But let’s see before anything what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission by promoting other people’s products. It’s a win-win situation – the affiliate just needs to find a product they believe in, promote it, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale they make without troubling about creating a product that has the potential to be commercially successful, while the merchant can focus on developing their product. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing will provide the merchant with the necessary workforce to promote it intensively. Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can decide how much to get involved with it, from just earning some extra money to obtaining a full-time income from home.

If you are already curious about how you can earn money from home through this method, we have three ideas of high-income businesses you can start from affiliate marketing:

  1. Health and wellness

People will always look for ways to be healthier and enjoy life to the fullest, especially since they are every day flooded with information on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Some of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches are those in the health and wellness area, such as products for quitting smoking, healthy eating, diet guides, and fitness for men and women.

A good product of this sort will be easy to reach by potential customers, since everyone searches for information on health-related topics online. It can be a 90-day diet, a revolutionary fitness device, a patch for those who want to quit smoking, a new type of blender that helps you prepare smoothies without destroying nutrients, and so on.

The key is to find a product that is catchy and promises a huge benefit, from shaking off those extra pounds without starving to never feeling the need to smoke a cigarette again. Good health is priceless for everyone, especially when they’ve experienced some health issues already. When confronted with the possible negative consequences of a bad habit, people will be ready to spend a lot on health products and services.

  1. Wealth affiliate programs

What is the next desire of people besides being healthy? We’d say it’s having plenty of money to enjoy their health and not worry about tomorrow. Money tempts many of us, and even if it is not your favorite thing, you need it anyway to enjoy satisfactory living and afford unexpected expenses. People from all kinds of categories are fascinated when they hear phrases like “work from home” or “get rich quick”. What other place could you look for the secret to being rich these days but on the Internet?

Now, the idea of getting rich online is not a new one, and unfortunately many members of the audience are likely to dismiss the subject fearing your proposal could be a scam. For this type of niche, it is vital to earn your audience’s trust and look completely credible, honest, and competent.

The following niches are the most successful:

  • Forex and trading – Forex trading is a hot topic on the Internet and it’s completely legit – the name stands for the foreign exchange market and refers to a decentralized global market for the trading of currencies – buying, selling, and exchanging, with large international banks taking part to the process
  • Fulfillment by Amazon – it consists of a seller keeping their items in Amazon’s warehouses and letting Amazon ship it and pack them, while also handling customer service
  • Money blogging for beginners – the prerequisite for this method is creating useful content, followed by building engagement with readers and finding income streams to make money from your readership, such as advertising income
  • Internet marketing for beginners – every small business owner these days is aware of the importance of using online marketing techniques and guides and tutorials on how to do it will never lose their popularity
  • Passive income programs – investing some money in a venture like selling an eBook or an online course and then seeing the money coming
  1. Starting an online casino

Affiliate marketing is an excellent promotion technique for online casinos. Why?

Online gambling is a very profitable business, but quite difficult to start. Entrepreneurs need to invest a lot of money and time until the casino becomes popular and reaches a wide pool of players.

And this is where casino affiliates come into play – it would actually be impossible to imagine today’s online gambling industry without affiliate programs. Gaming operators offer significant incentives to those who want to promote their casino games because websites that direct potential players to these games represent an important source of income.An example of a gambling business using an affiliate model would be casingdom.com

The idea on Casingdom is to promote the operator’s website and in return for sending clicks, Casingdom will receive a percentage or commission. The online gambling industry has actually found an essential pillar in the affiliate marketing solution and how well operators manage to implement affiliate marketing makes the difference between failure and success.

As an affiliate, you absolutely want to promote an online casino because affiliate marketing is fundamental for this industry and no serious operator will afford neglecting those who promote their games. Moreover, we all know that gambling is one of the most profitable industries and will never die, in spite of the stricter regulations imposed in the last years.

And there is more about it – some affiliates choose to take their business to the next level and in time build their own online gambling websites.Adding live casino rooms to provide a real-life gaming experience is the next thing in this niche.

So, if you want to quit your regular job, we advise you to consider affiliate marketing first, before trying to create an entire business from A to Z. The great thing about this method is that you can choose how much you want to get involved. Besides that, once you become an affiliate, you enter a network that gives you the know-how and experience needed to become a successful entrepreneur yourself one day!

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