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The Best Cloud-Based Online Accounting Software

Over the past couple of years, I’ve moved a lot of my traditional “software” based tasks to the cloud.   You can read about it here: I Started Moving My Finances and Business To The Cloud.  There are so many great tools that I have been able to take advantage of, including Google Docs and […]

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The Advantages to Starting Your Own Business

It is perhaps something that every business-oriented individual has considered at one point or another – starting up your own company. Venturing out on your own is a daunting prospect which is why many prefer to keep working for other individuals. If you are contemplating setting out on your own, this is certainly something that […]

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Here’s Why Your Business’s POS System May Need an Upgrade

Point of Sale (POS) systems offer many benefits to modern businesses in many sectors. POS systems are known mainly for improving speed, accuracy, and convenience of payment transactions. Because this technology is popular, POS systems are always evolving. The systems you can get nowadays are generally more advanced than a system that you may have […]

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How to Find Big Profits in Your Income Statements

I have often said that the text of your business plan is more important than the numbers.  By this I meant that without a great and distinctive strategy, no attention to your budgets is going to turn your company into a great business.  However, the numbers are important too!  Very important. I believe that you […]

Best Countries for Business as of 2017

Business is affected by the policies of a country. Forbes has been conducting a survey from the past eleven years on business friendliness of countries across the globe. It has several parameters including property rights, innovation, red tape, freedom, corruption, technology, taxes, investor protection, stock market performance etc. This year Sweden tops the list followed […]

SysAid: The IT Help Desk Software With Everything And Then Some

When purchasing IT help desk software, you should consider what it is you’ll actually need. Some of the most common requirements are the ability to track problems, to set up a troubleshooting and resolution flow and to collect and analyze data about issues that come up. Additionally, you’ll probably want a software suite with a […]

How to Terminate Your Status as a Shareholder with Minimum Loss?

It seems redundant to think of exit strategies and shutting down a business well before it starts, yet every business agreement has a section that holds information about exit strategies in case the business does not flourish. The last bits of words of the previous sentence should act as a reality check for any investor/present […]

The Benefits of a Warrior Trading Education

When you decide to make a day trading career, you need to find the most effective education on the web. Which means you have to find your want to over to Warrior Trading. Warrior offers the most comprehensive and impressive day trading education online. Finding good and reputable interactive brokers isn’t an easy task to […]