Accept Credit and Debit Cards wherever your Customers Want to Use them

If it seems like everyone pays with plastic these days, there’s a good reason. In a 2014 payments study, 88% of consumers preferred credit and debit cards for their purchases. Cash is definitely no longer king! What does this mean for your business? It’s more important than ever to provide your customers with the ability […]

Why You Need Protection against Targeted Attacks

You may have already checked put up firewalls, installed anti-virus software, and fended off malware. However, there’s one particularly dangerous type of breach that you need to watch out for: targeted attacks. These attacks are so bad that they could spell the end for your company due to the massive damages you would have to […]

The Beginning of App Domination

When Google launched their revolutionary app indexing facility in 2013 it marked a key moment in time for the future of how apps will be used by businesses. Google App Indexing basically makes it possible to click on any of the listings in Google’s search results directly into apps on Android and iOS smartphones and […]

Tips for Getting the Best out of App Marketing

Apps have become a great, even crucial, business and marketing tool in recent years. Smartphone users are rapidly outnumbering desktop users worldwide. When it comes to buying habits, marketing data shows that people are increasingly inclined to make online purchases using handheld devices. If your company is not utilizing mobile marketing and app services, then […]

Benefits of Private Domain Registration

What many people don’t realize about buying a domain name is that it is necessary to register your contact information with the WHOIS directory of ICANN. Providing your address, phone number and email allows people to search for the the owner of a specific domain. Some people would prefer that their personal information not be […]