9 Tips on How to Launch a Successful Startup in 2016

Do you know how many US adults become entrepreneurs only in the last year? The Kauffman index shows that: Over half a million adults (0.31% of the adult population in America) started a new business in 2015. If this is the statistics of one country, imagine the number of young entrepreneurs around the globe. This […]

How to Upgrade Your Marketing Tools Now

Are you finding that your marketing campaigns are not attracting the size of audience that you anticipated? Marketing your business in 2016 requires you to be on top of your game. Don’t stay in the past with outdated software, sluggish broadband services and traditional word of mouth techniques. Follow these four essential tasks to ensure […]

How to Estimate Costs of a Mobile App Development

If you think that a good mobile application can be build for cheap, just because there are tons of free apps out there, you are absolutely wrong. Even though modern apps development methods and technologies are developing with an enormous speed, making the whole process  faster and easier in some ways, costs required for the […]

What Types of Insurance Does Your Startup Need?

When starting your own business, you may be so focused on all of the aspects involved with getting it off the ground, from the financing to the hiring of your staff, that you may forget about the importance of acquiring the right business insurance. There are several different types of business insurance available, but what […]

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss. If you are an independent soul who prefers to work under your own terms, then entrepreneurship might be a more suitable career choice. But being a control freak is unfortunately not the only requirement to become an entrepreneur. In reality, you have to […]