The Technology You Need to Start a Business

start a business

It’s important to make smart decisions when implementing new business technology into any organization. Start-ups have the opportunity to select the best products, services and tools to help the company succeed in a technology-centric world. These five fundamental factors can help any organization leverage the technology needed to successfully operate a business. Data Security According […]

How to Furnish Your Startup Business


Startup businesses face plenty of challenges, not the least of which is finding and furnishing the right office space. The right office can allow a startup to thrive and live up to its full potential, while the wrong office can sink even the most promising business faster than anything. Even if a business exists mostly […]

How Students Can Start a Business


Opportunities for businesses show up almost everywhere. For students, one can start and grow his/her business in the school compound, its environs or downtown. Before starting a business it is important to do a feasibility study with the aim of identifying the needs around like photocopying services by students, shop to sell day to day […]

Is Selling Your Pension to Bankroll Your Start-up a Good Idea?


Retirement dreams are usually filled with soft slippers, bags of free time and absolutely no chance of setting foot in the office ever again – unless you are an entrepreneur. However, you earn your living, planning to launch a new start-up enterprise can be daunting. Whether you are struggling to pull together the funds to […]

Planning a Product Launch: Your ‘How To’ Guide to Success

product launch

You can have the best idea in the world, with the potential to become extremely successful and earn billions of pounds, but without a strong product launch, you’re not guaranteed to have any success. Approximately 75% of consumer packaged goods and retail products do not even reach a £4.5 million profit in their first year. […]