Making the Most of Social Media in Business

Social media has blown up in the last couple of years, but has been on the rise in the last fifteen! It is anything that ranges from Twitter, to Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Instagram, and can be extremely beneficial to your business. The use of social media in business is one of the best techniques […]

4 Tips for Brand Ambassador Success

A brand ambassador is someone who is hired by a company to bring attention and awareness to its brand. The brand ambassador represents the company in a positive manner and helps to increase the company’s sales by bringing awareness of a product or mission to the public. Celebrities such as Tiger Woods (Tag Heuer), John […]

Crafting an Effective Marketing Email – 6 Guiding Principles to Follow

The moment you set out to craft an effective marketing email, you need to pay close attention to every single detail. Your target market may have signed up for your email list to get something for free, and these emails need to draw them in to help them realize you are an authority on this […]

How to Ensure Your Company Letterhead Looks Professional

Do you own a small independent business? Are you looking to create your own letterhead? Do you want to make sure it looks professional, but don’t want to spend a fortune consulting with the pros? While there is nothing wrong with tackling a letterhead design on your own, there are a few key things you’ll […]