The Basics of Business Credit Scores

A large portion of small business owners who are turned down for small business loans and credit are rejected because of their credit score. But this is not the personal credit score with which all consumers are familiar; business credit is a very different and slightly more complex concept. If your company is able to […]

Tips for Buying Metal for a Small Business

A variety of small businesses often need to purchase different types of metals for industrial purposes. Metal acquisitions are most commonly done in specialty industries, by companies that work in construction, manufacturing, or medicine. But it’s not uncommon for businesses in other industries, such as art, to purchase metal or alloys. If your business needs […]

4 Tips for Brand Ambassador Success

A brand ambassador is someone who is hired by a company to bring attention and awareness to its brand. The brand ambassador represents the company in a positive manner and helps to increase the company’s sales by bringing awareness of a product or mission to the public. Celebrities such as Tiger Woods (Tag Heuer), John […]

Employee Salary Infographic

It is very interesting to know about employee salary structures so that you can create infographic with the same. How much should an employee be paid? An employee is paid based on the work he is doing the greatest expense for small business owners is often the payroll. There are a number of hidden costs […]