China Is Going Gold Gaga – But Why Now?

China Going Gold Gaga Image by Mark Herpel from Flickr Creative Commons

Gold buyers have noticed a huge surge in China’s appetite for gold. But why now? Well, thanks to the big drop in prices, Asians have been going on gold-buying sprees of big proportions. From India who are the biggest net importers of gold; to Japan who are worried about a dropping yen and ballooning inflation […]

Is Selling Your Pension to Bankroll Your Start-up a Good Idea?


Retirement dreams are usually filled with soft slippers, bags of free time and absolutely no chance of setting foot in the office ever again – unless you are an entrepreneur. However, you earn your living, planning to launch a new start-up enterprise can be daunting. Whether you are struggling to pull together the funds to […]

Do High Risk Businesses Have Any Chance of Financing?

high risk business financing

Short term loans have become difficult for many business owners to come by. Changes in laws targeted at companies that use predatory practices have made many business owners seek alternative ways of getting credit. Many merchants have found that increasing their credit card sales helps things improve in a meaningful way. There are other solutions […]

Selling Online? 4 Tax Mistakes to Avoid


“You should sell these.” How many times have you heard that when you give someone a handmade item? You certainly enjoy making them, so why not start a business? So you take some photos, launch an online shop, and watch the orders roll in. It’s all great — that is, until tax time and you […]

Making Extra Income Online

earn money

Whatever way you earn your living, there’s always the potential for a little extra earning online. It doesn’t have to be related to your day job – you can make your internet income around your hobby if you want to. One of the easiest ways to make money from the internet is to set up […]