Has There Ever Been a Better Time to Re-mortgage?

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Make no mistake; the recent slight collywobbles in the world’s major economies is good news for entrepreneurs and investors alike – on the whole that is. That’s because this has achieved two very important things at the same time: Firstly, it has made the valuations of most things such as equities, properties, commodities and so […]

Practical Debt Prevention Methods

debt management

Staying out of debt in the 21st century is almost impossible. While the Chancellor, George Osborne, boasts that the UK is out of recession and its economy is growing faster than its other European counterparts, the vast majority of hardworking, normal people in the UK still feel like they’re earning the same as they were […]

Using QuickBooks to Pay Your Staff

quickbooks review

QuickBooks desktop edition has powerful tools to manage your payroll. Many small and mid-sized businesses use QuickBooks to manage their employees and contractors payments and accounting. Employee After a quick setup process, paying employees and filing taxes using Quickbooks is easy. To setup a new employee, you just need to add this information: Name and address […]

Working with Your Debtors to Get Your Money Back


With late payments, the key is to strike a balance between being polite and civil without being ineffective, and being assertive without being too threatening. If you follow the steps laid out here you should be able to work very well with any debtor to get your money back, while maintaining a good relationship and […]

Have You Planned for International Sales

international sales

As your business grows from local to regional and regional to national, you won’t encounter many new challenges with regulations and operations. However, as your business grows to attract international customers, you may find new challenges and obstacles you have not seen before. Here are some common challenges and solutions for new international entrepreneurs. Currency […]