How Startups can Go Green and Save Money

Running a business is full of choices and decisions. With all of the conversation about climate change, it can be difficult to determine whether your business has an obligation to be environmentally conscious, and how to do so in a cost effective way. Should Businesses Go Green? There’s no easy answer to whether businesses should […]

Should I Invest in Stocks or Real Estate?

It’s a common question for those looking to invest their money in a safe bet, and the conundrum of picking between stocks and real estate is no easy decision. The short answer is: it depends. Choosing between stocks and real estate is a highly individualized decision; it depends on your personality, time commitments, and the […]

The Three Golden Rules of Landlord Insurance

Investing in property to become a buy-to-let landlord can be an exciting chapter in your life. It can become a substantial second earning alongside a primary career, or a venture into the business of property letting full-time. What can be said for both though is the mutual stress it can sometimes bring. For that reason […]

Accounting Made Easy – FreshBooks Review

FreshBooks is a service that serves over 5 million businesses worldwide. It is classified as a cloud accounting service. This means that it is the solution for businesses that want to step into the 21st century from the older, traditional methods of bookkeeping such as old school pen and paper. The site itself is pretty […]

Avoid the Bad and Embrace the Good: What You Need to Know About Debt

Debt is inevitable in business. Some forms of debt are bad whereas others are good for your bottom line. There are even some billionaire mogul business strategies that rely solely on leveraging debt and transferring it from one asset to another. When it’s not managed, debt can cripple a business, so understanding your company’s debt […]