Creating a Legal Protection Strategy

If you have ever been involved in a legal claim you are aware of the many hurdles one may have to face throughout the lengthy process. Whenever possible it is best to have a strategy firmly in place as soon as a potential threat is identified. Even if you have hopes of being able to […]

Building Your Professional Services Team

When you start a business, much of your attention goes toward building your team. Whether it’s mechanics, fabricators, nurses, or bakers, you work to surround yourself with skilled people who can help your business grow. But sometimes, busy entrepreneurs may overlook the other team members that they need to involve, team members who aren’t on […]

Workplace Safety: What To Prepare When Testing Out Employees

Nowadays, it is no longer unusual for companies to require potential employees to undergo a drug test. The requirement has been permitted by the government as it helps each employer see just how suitable a candidate is for employment in their organization. Although the requirement depends largely on the company, it is mandated in certain […]

How to Keep a Happy Workforce

A happy team is a productive team, although that can far too easily be forgotten which can lead to disinterested employees and missed targets. Far too often businesses suffer from a breakdown from a lack of teamwork, either because there is not enough communication, an understanding of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses or because of low […]

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

In his commencement speech at the Stanford University, in 2005, he told three stories of his life- one about connecting dots, one about love and loss and the last about death. He spoke about how his biological mother wanted him to go to college, but couldn’t sustain and dropped out. He spoke about how he […]