Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

In his commencement speech at the Stanford University, in 2005, he told three stories of his life- one about connecting dots, one about love and loss and the last about death. He spoke about how his biological mother wanted him to go to college, but couldn’t sustain and dropped out. He spoke about how he […]

Learn To Love Cash Advance Again

Being an entrepreneur takes hard work, determination, and sometimes a little bit of help to get your new business off the ground. There are many available options such as working capital loans, business lines of credit, SBA, invoice financing, and more. For a newly developing business, what is the best lending option? The Right Loan […]

7 Tips for Great Vacation Photos

Winter has come and as you pack your bags to go on a vacation, take a minute or two and read the following points to make your family and friends look great in the holiday photographs. While you relax, don’t miss out on the scenic beauty of the place. Every place: a busy city, a […]

Team Building Activities To Begin The New Year

For many business owners, inspiring the workforce should be their new year’s resolutions. Stale and boring workplaces go hand in hand with low production output and low retention rates of staff. Inspiring the workforce can be a great way to build a family at work and to prevent a better working environment. This can be […]

Better to be Profitable than Right

If people are right, how come they often go wrong? This is a question affecting Forex traders but also affecting people as a whole. Because a trader tends to trade on his wits and battle with his temperament, he may feel a need to defend a position because he doesn’t want to be proven wrong. […]