6 Shortcuts That Kill A Startup

Starting a new business is not an informal process, and should never be treated like a hobby between friends. The path to true success does not allow for shortcuts. It’s not true that any startup needs to demand perfection, but all learn and follow common business practices from the beginning. Here are a few examples […]

4 Growth Hacks For Startups

Let’s open with a harsh little metaphor; Selling the idea of SEO as ‘new marketing strategy’ now, is literally the old generation of techno- orthodox yelling “Old is gold!’, while dying of paralysis and Alzheimer’s disease in their wheelchair. You don’t want to ask them how to befriend and rule the new generation that ride […]

Does Your Team Feel TGIF ?

On a Friday, most people breeze into office, their minds often wander in weekend-inspired-lands! There’s a buzz in the air filled with anticipation of the end of work week gala! Angry bosses, pending deliverables, upcoming appraisals are all pushed to the back of the mind and there’s almost a forced determination to wrap up the […]

Challenging the Norm: Top Ten Signs It’s Time to Start Your Own Business

Venturing on your own professionally can be a daunting, but at the same time, rewarding experience. There are few people who decide to take the plunge and leave the comfort of a 9 to 5 job in order to pursue their own ambitions and even less those who actually succeed at creating a thriving, lucrative […]

10 Tips For Being Successful In Every Aspect of Life

This is a guest post by Shobhit Choudhary of LifestyleDen.com. We are complicated creatures in a complicated world. So let’s try to keep things simple: only a person who has managed to achieve a little bit of something in each of the fundamental areas of life can be called successful. The areas are four – […]