Why Leadership Is a Key Qualification of a Chief Clinical Officer

As the demand for nurses continues to grow, the need for leaders expands proportionately. It is estimated that within the next ten years at least one million nurses will be added to the workforce and that means there will be an even greater need for those with experience and advanced knowledge to lead this new […]

Five Things An Entrepreneur Needs To Add To His Daily Routine

If we define an entrepreneur in the words of a dictionary, he is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit or is a promoter of the entertainment industry. These definitions themselves are very revealing about how difficult the task is and how difficult it […]

What Makes an Effective Leader

          Before investments and elaborate business plans, there are most important things that matter if you want to succeed in your job. First of all, a person who wants to reach success in his business must obtain leadership skills that are a guarantee of your competitive ability.  The presence of leaders […]

3 Things You Should Look For in a Team Building Activity

If you’re looking to organise a team building activity for your employees but you’re unsure where to start, there is help at hand. To make sure that your session is a hit, it’s important that you pick the perfect exercise. So, to give you some guidance, here are three things you should look for in […]

7 Life Lessons That Only A Failure Can Teach You

Failure! – Is it really a bad thing? Life is a daily struggle. We learn a lot of important lessons along the way. Lessons which are lifelong and whatever you do, they remain with you. Nothing can teach us more than the failures. Here are few life lessons which only a failure can teach us: […]