Notary Public’s Role In The Justice System

Notaries Public are usually appointed by an office within the state government where they reside. In Florida it’s the Governor’s Office. The main duty of a notary is to witness signatures on documents of a legal or financial nature. Some documents require the notary to administer an Oath attesting to the validity of the document […]

The Choice between What is Right, and What is Convenient- Integrity of your Actions

Everyday we face many situations where our moral conscious is tested. Would you betray your friend’s trust if both of you get into trouble? Do you break promises? Would you go back to a store and return the extra change the cashier gave you by mistake? While making a deal, do you make sure everything […]

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is on the Rise

Entrepreneurship is more alluring than ever, and today’s technology makes this type of professionalism easier than you might imagine. The siren call of the independent businessperson is getting stronger, with a wealth of compelling reasons for you to consider. Flexible Jobs Cater to Core Abilities The job marketplace has never been more welcoming for entrepreneurs […]

How Starting a Business Later in Life Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial bug hit me early.  The first time I got that rush of excitement takes me back to selling gum for the cub scouts door to door.  I realized then that I wanted to be number one, and remembered that feeling of pleasure when a sale was made. Fast forward to high school selling […]

5 Great Degrees for Young Entrepreneurs

Truth be told, you do not need a college degree to become an entrepreneur. And according to Peter Thiel, a self-made billionaire and the founder of PayPal, you should actually drop out of school to start a life in business. But unless you have sufficient funds to start a business, you should take this advice […]