Why Building a Strong Personal Brand Online Is Crucial for Female Entrepreneurs

Because we live in such a technology-driven culture, it’s common to hear warnings about conducting ourselves as professionally online as we do in real-life situations. In a broader sense, you may have heard people talk about the importance of building a “personal brand” in the online realm. That’s a crucial thing to do if you’re […]

5 Unbeatable Tips on Maintaining Customer Relationships

Establishing a great customer base and maximizing the chances of every transaction becoming a repeat customer are vital factors in creating and maintaining a successful business plan. It’s not just about increasing your sales it’s about securing a reliable client base that will help your business thrive. One of the most important things to do […]

Entrepreneur Profile: EverydayHappy’s Philip Keezer

When it comes to starting a small business, the risks are many and they are usually life or death. All the decisions made are going to have a huge impact on the success of the business. To properly get the business on its feet, a budding entrepreneur is going to need to take a few […]

Becoming a Thought Leader Made Easy

In fast paced life today, where seeing is believing, evolving yourself as a brand is not as difficult as you may think. Taking up this short course will help you develop yourself and become a thought leader. In today’s digital world, mere pretensions of confidence and intelligence are just not enough. To stay in the […]

Critical Decisions About Hiring Employees

As an entrepreneur, you have dozens of decisions to make. At some point, you’ll need to hire employees. The decisions you make about hiring workers have a huge impact in your business. Finding the right employees can help you increase your sales and profits dramatically. However, hiring the wrong people can be expensive and stressful. […]