How Breakout Rooms Can Improve Employee Engagement


The days of the dull 1950s-style office complete with seemingly endless rows of desks and chairs are numbered. Companies are now turning to more dynamic and visually appealing office designs, and one major trend involves incorporating breakout rooms into workspaces. These designated areas can play a major role in boosting employee engagement – and here’s […]

Does Your Startup Know How to Hire Engineers


In an age of mobile device dependence, cloud computing, and constant technological innovation, engineers have become an indispensable company asset for their ability to streamline business processes via innovative software development, troubleshooting solutions, and commercial applications. Every company needs avid engineers to be the backbone of the team. For a startup that is trying to […]

Create A Workplace That Is Consistent With Employee Values


If you want a successful workforce, which will ultimately result in a more successful and productive business, then it’s important to take a look at the workplace values you have in place and how they relate to your employee values. Finding a level of consistency and compromise between the two, could be the difference between […]

3 Rules to Break to Be a Freelance Writer Extraordinaire


Several misconceptions about getting started hold budding freelance writers back. You may think that to be successful as a freelance writer, you need to attend a popular school of journalism, have a good number of editorial connections, spend a fortune of money on various things including supplies, and do your best to make your way […]

Keeping Employees Safe in the Workplace


As a business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring your employees are aware of the day-to-day risks of the workplace. In additional to financial costs, accidents can have major effects of the attitude of employees in the workplace. And this is all ignoring the worst possible scenario: a potential loss of life that was caused by […]