Top Team Members Every Entrepreneur Needs

When you are looking to make it out there as an entrepreneur, you will need more than just your skills. You will need a team and not just any team but the best of all. A good team is a combination and compilation of the best you can get your hands on who are right […]

15 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Entrepreneurship is on the rise and it is not just a types of occupations but is now becoming a trend and a tradition. It is widely celebrated and appreciated and even acknowledged if you are an Entrepreneur. But, the road to success is not so simple. You need to know the plus and minus and also […]

Entrepreneur Life Hacks – How not to let life troll you!

For an entrepreneur, life is not at all easy. With so much to be done, in so little time, life starts to seem cruel. And, cruel it is. With nothing but, work, work and work, there is absolutely no time to relax or even SLEEP. We understand the dilemma you’re in, and are here to […]

How to be Assertive in a Professional Environment

  Adopting a passive disposition may seem like a good way to promote a peaceful atmosphere in the office. However, being a little too compliant and submissive can cause a lot of things to remain unsaid which, in turn, can lead to internal conflicts, feelings of resentment and victimization, and other similarly stressful situations. An […]

5 Things Every New Online Entrepreneur Should Be Aware Of

It’s vital that a new online business owner gets off to a good start when they launch a new business venture. To increase the likelihood of this happening, it’s important to understand what could advance or ruin a fledgling company. Below are five things every new online entrepreneur should be aware of. Online E-commerce Technologies […]