Meeting Confidence – Making Your First Impression Count

As a freelancer you have no brand or corporate reputation to fall back on, it’s all down to you. Making a good first impression is even more important. As ever, a little thought and preparation can make a huge impact on the impression you make. Confidence is key If you don’t have confidence in yourself […]

An Overview of PAYE for Small Businesses

Many budding entrepreneurs face the reality early on in their business careers of having to deal with the various elements of running a business, outside of the areas that they’re used to. One such area is in finance. Such is the complexity and importance of getting your accounts right, most sensible small business owners will […]

Pick You Failing Company Off the Floor – and Keep it On the Up

There are a lot of ups and downs in the commercial sector. No business will enjoy perfect trading conditions all the time, and no company boss can afford to act as though it will. While it is vital to make the most of the good times, some might say that the real skill in business […]

The Introvert Entrepreneur : How to be a Successful One

For most people, the term introvert is synonymous with shy or quiet, but a shy nature is not indicative of introversion. An introvert does need quiet time to themselves, just as an extrovert needs at least occasional group events. However, it may surprise you to learn that some of the best public speakers are introverts. […]

Top Team Members Every Entrepreneur Needs

When you are looking to make it out there as an entrepreneur, you will need more than just your skills. You will need a team and not just any team but the best of all. A good team is a combination and compilation of the best you can get your hands on who are right […]